Speaking of Bonnie Rotten…

Bonnie Rotten
Bonnie Rotten
I think I met Bonnie a year ago. It was before she got boobs. Her hubby and I have known each other a long time, and he brought Bonnie over…to show her off, I’m sure. Can’t blame the guy, right? And since then, Bonnie’s just blown up, which is a difficult thing to do, especially with all the ink. A lot of girls come to Porn Valley to be a star; Bonnie’s currently one of the few on that path. She’s kicking ass, and rightfully so. Bonnie’s a sexual dynamo. Top notch performer. And she cares about the content she appears in, which sets her apart from 90% of the girls in this business. Stay tuned — Bonnie Rotten is worth paying attention to.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Bonnie Rotten…”

  1. What’s your pro opinion? Is she’s blowing up because of the ink, or in spite of it?

  2. Hey Billy – nice to see you back. Hope you don’t mind an off-topic comment; I would have asked in your reddit AMA but I missed it. How is Spring Thomas these days? Are you in touch? Do you think there is any possibility of her making a comeback?

    When she started out, not at the very, very beginning when she was still wide-eyed, but once she got into her Black Cock Slut, nigga-callin’ persona, I felt insane sexual urges like nothing before or since: for several months I would literally jerk off three or four times a day to her. I guess it seems a little tame now, but back then it was truly groundbreaking: this beautiful, delicate blonde flower; the things she did, the things she said, the things she allowed those black men to do to her. Uh oh, got a boner again….

    Anyway, one other thing I wanted to ask: do you remember that time when she was supposedly secretly filmed fucking a nigga in a shower, and quit her website in fury, before making a quick comeback? I kinda assumed it was a fake publicity stunt, but would love if it were true. What’s the inside story?

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