Nicole Parks

Here's Nicole!

For a day or two, I had a little thing for Nicole Parks. Little. And even though it was little, I have no idea why I had it. I really don’t.

I mean she’s cute, sure…but there’s hotter working the game. Way hotter.

And her silly tattoo is just that: silly.

So, what’s up? Why in the world would I have a thing for her, even if it was just a fleeting thing? (Which it was).

Well, personality goes a long way. We all know that. In fact, looking back on it now, that’s it.

The first time I shot her was in the hole. “The Hole” is my new slang for the Gloryhole.

I invented that slang: the hole. Don’t go taking credit for it, ok?

Anyway, I really don’t even remember much of the shoot. Here’s the Nicole Parks Gloryhole scene. It’ll give ya a little taste of how the shoot turned out. I think it went fine. In fact, looking at these movies again, it turned out better than fine. I think I dragged her pal Sally Rodeo out there, too.

Sally Rodeo. Now there’s a name only the hard-core porn aficionado would recognize.

After I shot her in the hole, it was on to Spunkmouth. A fun scene, cause she worked with my pal Spoonie and this cat named Christian. I think Christian has developed a bit of a following now.

I think.

Here’s the Nicole Parks Spunkmouth scene, and the cheezy porno scenario we came up with: Nicole was in the “que” to get in this hot night club, and if she sucked and fucked Spoonie and his bouncer pal Christian, then her and her girlfriends would bypass the line and waltz right in to the joint.

In reality, this is not a cheezy porno scenario; I know for a fact this sort of cheez has happened in nightclubs all over the place.

After Spunkmouth, it was on to JOMG. Gawd did my male talent drench her in jizz. It’s an almost super-human feat, surpassed only by Peter North and his mighty wad.

Everytime I booked Nicole, she showed up on time, in a great mood, and ready to work. We even struck up a friendship, as far as “friendships” go in this business. In fact, she even asked me about helping her start her own site. We talked about a business meeting or two, and, of course, nothing ever materialized.

Not long after we worked together on the JOMG shoot, I heard she quit the biz and went back to school.

And I never heard from her again.

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  1. She worked in a bar I used to go to in Seattle several years ago. Not long after a customer spotted her videos and she left. Quite spunky and nice. Looks like she is back in the biz now with some recent movies.

  2. @ Dan… I am a huge fan of hers and have scoured the web for new material. What “recent” movies are you talking about?? Would love to know.

  3. After years i found this page again, im happy i can leave a comment this time. *looks grumpy* It hurts a little to hear someone talk so harsh about the great (and beautiful wonderful snoogly woogly nerdy big eyed cute spexed witch darling) Nicole Parks. <3 Of course, I never had the opportunity to meet her in person like the author, so I dont know what lead to sum up about her in such a indifferent way, but I dont find her tattoo silly and if there are "hotter" ones than her – whats hotter? people looking like goddesses coming down to earth such as Kitty Jane, Veronica Symon and such, or does it refer to behaviour? Nicole Parks had a unique behaviour and also, she doesnt have to hide, she was of a very special beauty that even reflected her behaviour (I remember saving the very first pics i saw of her as "little nerdy witch", she was so warm and transported a feeling like the watcher "knew" her… kind of. And now I sound like a lesbian *blush*. Anyway, I wish her all the best , Nicole you'll be cherished forever :3

  4. Nicole is living the Seattle area again, she goes between Tac and Sea. She offers deep tissue massages on cl seattle every so often. Had a brief escorting time in late 2013, cityvibe and backpage tac. Missed out on seeing her but would have loved to.

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