I Slack; Therefore, I Am.

Gwen Diamond

At least when it comes to my blog of late.

I’ve been slacking so much slacking has sort of morphed into its own topic.

A Slack Haiku:

Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack

Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack

Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack

My whole life isn’t based around my slacking; in fact, I work my ass off making sure all the dudes in this world have new whacking material, and trust me, that’s a big job.

An important job.

One that demands respect.

Here’s a funny story. A few months ago I shot Gwen Diamond for Blacks on Blondes. I love Gwen. She rules. She’s easily the biggest slut I know. She’s a bigger slut than Barbie Cummings. That’s huge…trust me. Anyway, Gwen’s such a slut she let the male talent have his way with her before the shoot went down. Well, one of the dudes had his way with her while the other watched…along with my dog Maggie. And I think she let Julius have his way with her cause he’s black…but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d let a white dude bang her before a scene.

Maggie and Charlie Mac watched Julius Ceazher rail Gewn Diamond in the hallway in front of my studio as I snapped a few pics.

This is one of the reasons I love my job.

I won’t bother you with the list of a million things why I hate it…cause I know you hate your job, too.

Anyway, after Julius pounded Gwen in the hall, he (along with Charlie Mac) took turns pounding her in the make-up chair for the Blacks On Blondes scene. It was kinda funny watching them spin the chair round and round as they tag-teamed her. I think Julius ended up giving her a cream pie, while Charlie Mac faced her.

Fast forward a few months, and I’m shooting Julius again, and we’re reminiscing about that day with Gwen, and suddenly I thought it would be a great idea to send Gwen a text and ask her out on a date. I mean why not? I’m not a judgmental person. Who cares if the girl you’d like to spend a little quality time with got spun around on a make-up chair and impaled with monster black dicks?

I looked at Julius and said, “I think I’m gonna ask Gwen out on a date. Maybe take her to dinner. She’s cool.”

“Porn girls aren’t right, Billy.”

“That’s OK. Neither am I.”

It really doesn’t make much difference about that anyway, cause Gwen turned down my dinner offer, and that’s OK, cause I’m working a new chick now, and I don’t think she’s right, either…but there’s not a whole lot wrong with her.


Gwen Diamond

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