Cadence Caliber and Her Interracial Massage

Cadence Caliber

Cadence Caliber is this week’s Blacks On Blondes update.

But before I tell you about her, I have to wonder out loud — how big is the “cheating” fantasy? For girls I think it’s pretty straightforward…you’re cheating on your dude, and it turns you on. I mean that’s easy enough, right? But for dudes I think it’s way more complex. Not in as far as you’re cheating on your girl, and the new pussy you’re nailing turns you on.

I’m talking the fact that your girl is banging another dude, and you’ve got an idea something’s going on…and does that do it for you?

This isn’t a rhetorical question, either. And the reason I ask?

This is a wildly huge request we get at Blacks on Blondes, more so than just about anything else…with the exception of hubby watching wifey as she’s in the middle of an IR gangbang. Pardon the pun, but nutty, huh?

Even nuttier — that’s our number 1 request.

Number 2?

Cadence Caliber’s scenario.

See, Cadence is at the LMT’s. She’s very stressed out lately. She finishes up a phone call from her boyfriend, tells her she loves him, and jumps on the massage table. Of course there’s something in the air, and she’s horny, so she rubs a quick one out while waiting for her LMT, who almost catches her in the act.

Turns out this LMT is a muscular black guy with a XXL dick.

What would your girl do?

We all get to watch what Cadence does: get fucked and service her black man as her Boyfriend interrupts, from time to time, calling her cell phone. She’s moaning while she talks to her dude, and she’s moaning not because her massage is intense.

Because when a girl is getting long-stroked slowly by a ten inch ding dong it sounds a lot like a deep tissue massage.

Boyfriend knows something’s up cause she’s also making slurping sounds while she’s speak to him…and claiming the LMT is making her drink water to stay hydrated.

Say it all fancy like that and your BF will never know what’s really happening, right?

At the end, she takes the load directly in her mouth, and swallows…and what a mighty load it was!

Just as it slides down the hatch, BF blows her phone up one last time. Cadence has lost her patience with him and screams he’s “ruined” her massage, and hangs up…and that’s when the apology phone calls starting coming.

Gotta love the porno scenarios, right? Well…here’s the good part. Turns out that day there was a little drama going on between Cadence and the BF, and what you see this time is what you get…a cheating gal getting caught by her man!

I cast Cadence cause I like her look, especially cause she’s a redhead and kinda pale (which is a great thing, so quit spraying that orange shit all over your body and step out of the sun…or the tanning bed!). She’s great to work with. Get this — she showed up ten minutes early! (Almost unheard of in Porno Land!) She’s totally got her shit together. (Almost unheard of in Porno Land!) She’ll do anything that’s asked of her on set, with a smile on her face. (Kinda unheard of in Porno Land!)

Just banging this out on my blog makes me wanna call her agent and book her for whatever I can.

Which I think I’ll do right now, as I enjoy my morning coffee.

Cadence Caliber

One thought on “Cadence Caliber and Her Interracial Massage”

  1. Watching your woman (wife or gf) get a massage by another man is a huge turn on, guaranteed to give you a boner.

    It is a bigger bonus if he starts doing more to her than just a massage; i.e., the more sexual it gets, the bigger your boner. If he nails her right on the massage table, and you get to see him do it, it’s the gift that keeps on giving (every time you spread her legs from then on)!

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