My Brain Is Toast. Dry. But With A Speck of Buttah.

Jacky Joy And Her Feet

My recent cry baby blog elicited more than a handful of e-mails, all of which were very nice. Everyone who wrote asked about my well-being; some told me to quit porn right away and do something else; some told me to take time off; some asked to take over my job.

Thanks guys.

Porn’s turned into a job for me, and it’s been that way for a while; still, it’s a job I’m not about to walk away from. I mean what would you rather do: teach 7th graders how to write paragraphs, or take pictures and movies of hot naked girls getting railed?

I still choose the latter.

Here’s another pic from the Jacky Joy jerk off session; it’s a close-up, and I’m still gnawing on her foot, and looking at the side of my over-sized skull makes me think of a Jeff Tweedy lyric:

One by one my hair is turning gray / One by one my dreams are fading fast away…

(IMPORTANT AFTERWARD: I’ve come to find out Woody Guthrie wrote the above lyric; Jeff Tweedy put it to music. Thanks for the heads-up bro!)

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