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Jasmine Tame and her Cuckold

Trixa The Honky Cuckold writes:

whats up billy its the honky trixta again, long time since i wrote and found out to my disappointment that you would not help me on my quest to be the newest and most frail weenied cuckhold of them all. i just finished watching some spring thomas and i jacked off twice. Two big loads(for a white guy) so i know im not just talkin with my dick while im writing all this. i really feal im a genuine white guy who appreciates a good white chick that fucks the brothas, black cock whores that please black dudes hand and foot. i jerk off when i come home from the office because i have to have some kinda release from being hard all day watching hot white bitches flirting with all the buff brothas. There not even in high positions, shit some of them are in the mailroom, yet smokin hot white chicks are sizing them up ovulating and strategically positioning themselves for that black baby batter in their pussies. I figure if you cant beet em join em. I dont just wanna sit back while this whole takeover of Negroes is producing fatherless mulatto children , i wanna be a part of the action. Thats why i would be very excited to do my part by acting out the wimpy honky who gets robbed abused (both by the negros and the white girls who submit to them) and then showing my level on the food chain,by eating her box and asshole out after the negros have had their fill. Now as a person like yourself who could appreciate this threw the lens and live entertainment is it to much to ask that you help me make this possible. It will be like apollo creed giving rocky an unknown nobody underdog a chance to fight in the ring. Pass this letter on to spring and all the brothas and see what they have to say, they just might wanna give this little non girthy inky winky pencil dick honky a chance. thank you


I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ve ever heard from you. Perhaps your e-mail ended up in my bulk e-mails, and I trashed it? Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of cuckoldry; I just give the fans what they ask for. I remember shooting my first Spring Thomas Cuckold Movie. It was really fun and really weird at the same time. Since then, I’ve done it a bunch. In fact, members like it so much we’re starting a whole site around a girl and her cuckold lovers. Think you’re going to like it, my friend. Too bad I can’t tell you more.

I get a lot of e-mails from hapless white boy cuckolds like yourself, and while I try to include them in my movies, I’m always a bit hesitant…for a few reasons. You’re probably a complete creep and someone I really don’t want to be around; in addition, you probably live far away from my studio and can’t get here; finally, you were probably drunk when you wrote this, and since you’ve nutted from the thought of someone reading your fantasy, your head is clear now, and you really don’t want to subject yourself to actually carrying out your cuckoldry on camera, for the whole world to watch.

And remember, Trixa, most fantasies are best at being just that — a fantasy.

Your pal, Billy

Jasmine Tame and her Cuckold

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