Jayno Oso and Her Second Trip To The Gloryhole

Jayna Oso Gloryhole

I booked Jayna Oso for a Blacks on Blondes scene and a trip to the Gloryhole.

Jayna’s been in the business for a while and has quite a name. I wouldn’t go as far as say she’s a “porn star”, but my criteria for porn star status is tough; there’s a lot of girls calling themselves stars, but until their name transcends the adult entertainment business, I’ll call them porno girls.

Porn Whores.

That sort of thing.

I dunno why I hadn’t booked Jayna, cause she’s hot, and I heard she gives a great scene. And when she showed up, I was kinda kicking myself for not booking her sooner.

But it turns out I had.

Or SS had.

Or Dogfart.

Someone did, cause a long time ago, when we were living in Dogfart’s secret mansion, Jayna Oso found her way up to the Mansion.

But she wasn’t calling herself Jayna Oso then. But I’ll get to that in a second.

When I was going over the scenes with Jayna, and I told her we were getting into the white van to head out to the newest gloryhole discovery at my favorite adult bookstore, Jayna said, “I’ve done a gloryhole before. For the Blacks on Blondes guys.”

I looked up at her. “That’s impossible. I’ve shot each and every one of these scenes, and I never booked you.”

Jayna kinda looked at me like she said something she shouldn’t have said. Turns out she might have. Cause, for a few months a long time ago, Jayna wasn’t Jayna…she was Malaysia.

And I did shoot Malaysia. In a Gloryhole. And I think SS or Dogfart shot her for Blacks On Blondes. I was running second camera back then, and I don’t remember her Blacks On Blondes scene…but I remember her Gloryhole.

“Well, I haven’t used that name for a long time. Not a lot of people know about it. I was Malaysia for a couple months, then I quit for a while, and then I came back as Jayna Oso.”

Now what do I do? I like to shoot as many different girls as I can. Which isn’t to say I don’t invite girls back to my sets, cause I do…a lot. So we took the trip to the gloryhole, and, afterward, Tone Capone came over and fucked Jayna Oso’s ass over a toilet in my studio.

I gotta say this – Jayna is way hotter than Malaysia ever was.

Jayna Oso Gloryhole

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