My Brain Is Toast. Dry. No Peanut Butter. No Jelly. Not Even A Speck of Buttah.

Jacky Joy Mano Job

And I have no idea why. I guess it’s the first time I’ve really experienced writer’s block, and honestly, I’ve been suffering through it for about a month now. I really feel like there’s not much more to tell you guys. I mean how many stories of porn whores, behind-the-scene antics, pop shots gone bad (or good), gloryhole madness, or big black dicks stuffed into little white chicks can you handle?

But there’s a pic of me working with Jacky Joy and Lucky Starr. Jacky’s agent took the picture.

And to tell you the truth, I’m kinda tired of it all: shooting porn, waiting for talent to show up at my place, the freaky-deaks I surround myself with; I’m tired of living in two cities, 6 hour commutes, and agents who try to get me to book ugly girls; I’m tired of black cock sluts, black cock whores, and almost anything else having to do with big, black dicks; I’m really tired of Gloryholes, Katie Thomas, pill poppers, waiting on male talent to pop, and the popping sound my brain is making right now.

My brain hurts right this very second, as I try to bang out another installment of a blog that’s now nearing 350 posts.

A friend of mine who works Pinkworld says just write anything, and make sure it updates, so you don’t lose your traffic. Did you notice the last batch of blogs from about a week ago? All the short ones that were, like…here’s so and so…she’s the newest update on (fill in the name of the website here)…it was a really good shoot…blah blah blah, bing bam boom.

Remember the last thing Johnny Rotten said before he left the stage in San Fransisco? The last time the Sex Pistols played with Sid? Of course you don’t, cause that was 1977, and you weren’t even born then, were you? I dunno…maybe it was 1978. I certainly wasn’t there, but I was born; and, in fact, was old enough to know who The Sex Pistols were, but I didn’t give a shit about them, cause I was very much into Van Halen’s first record that year.

(Did I ever tell you I was convinced Kiss’s Gene Simmons was, in fact, VH’s Michael Anthony — without make-up? Before you laugh too loudly, there’s proof in the pudding…just read the list of who VH thanks on the back of that record.)

Anyways…do you ever feel like you’ve been cheated?

I got an e-mail from some poor guy in the UK who joined (I assume) Spunkmouth and felt like I ripped him off. He took it very personally, and I felt bad. I even replied to his complaint, but I haven’t heard anything back.

I feel like I can’t blog anymore; I feel like I’m done. And now I’m cheating you again.

Go read Lorilei’s blog…or Barbie’s blog. They’re way more entertaining than this mess. In fact, Barbie’s dirty, slutty stories are totally real, and I wouldn’t read them if you’re at work…you might end up beating your meat under the desk, or something.

Spring Thomas called me the other day. We really don’t talk much, anymore. She said my blog has gotten her in trouble with her boyfriend. When I ask her to elaborate, she can’t, really. Which means she doesn’t want to. Which means it’s time to hang up the phone.

Here’s another pic of me, gnawing on Jacky Joy’s toes. I don’t have a foot fetish; I just thought it would make for an entertaining, behind-the-scenes snapshot.

Because, as of now, that’s about all I’ve got to show you.

Jacky Joy Mano Job

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