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e writes:

After a long valentine’s day session with the wife, I found myself a bit chafed. As a faithful reader of your blog, I began to wonder how those porno dudes manage to fuck hour on hour, day after day, without any apparent damage. Since you are the one person I know of with a line on the private lives of porn actors, I thought I would ask you: what do porno dudes do to keep their cocks in shape for work? Is there a certain moisturizer? Do they always always use a specific kind of lube? Do they just have naturally tough dicks? Are they just so damned psyched to be nailing Lorilei Lee, Jacky Joy, Bree Olson, Adrianna Nicole, Gia Paloma, Mackenzie Wilson, Nicole Scarlett, et al, that they just suffer through the pain and skin loss? Or is there a BIG SECRET?

Heya e:

No big secret, really. A penis is a fairly rough and tough tool, and I know you’ll pardon the pun. Just a few helpful things to remember:

1) Don’t forget to use the lube! And don’t be a cheapskate here. Get to your favorite adult shop and throw down some extra coin for Eros. It’s packaged in a black tube, and the shit rocks.

2) Porno dudes do wear out, and some do so frequently. You just never get to see it, but know it does happen.

3) And yea, it helps to be nailing super hot porno whores, too.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Oh, I’m gonna leave out obvious things like exercise and a living a healthy lifestyle, and the not-so-obvious, like “V”, Cialis, Caverjack, and all that.

Your pal – B

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