JOMG Nicole Scarlett

Nicole Scarlett

I shot Nicole Scarlett for Jizz On My Glasses; she’s this week’s update for the site.

It was a pretty straight-forward shoot. I wish I had a good story to tell, but I really don’t.

The thing I like best about Nicole is that she kinda looks like Cameron Diaz.

This was a total amateur scene, shot outside of Los Angeles. I love shooing amateur girls — to a point. Their fresh face is always nice, but there’s also the things that go along with being an amateur that kinda suck: they don’t talk into the camera as well as a pro, and they sometimes try to dodge the cum shot.

Nicole wasn’t a cum dodger, that’s for sure.

The male talent called himself Walt Jizzney; I guess that’s kinda funny.

I’ve never seen or heard from Nicole Scarlett or Walt Jizzney since.

Here’s some free Nicole Scarlett Jizz On My Glasses movies, just for you…cause you know you love free porno.

Just admit it.

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