Ruth Blackwell Is Alive and Well — So Is Erin Moore

Ruth Blackwell

Call it the Jekyll and Hyde thing.

Call it bullshit.

Call it whatever you want.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Erin Moore. She got into the Porno Game about 3 years ago, and she made the rounds. She did great scenes and built up a big fan base. Then she disappeared.

Well, she’s back, but this time as Ruth Blackwell.

Ruth Blackwell is Mr. Hyde to Erin Moore’s Dr. Jekyll, and if you knew Erin at all, then Ruth will scare the shit out of you.

Let’s face it: porno is all about the fantasy. There’s gonna be Ruth haters right away, and they’ll argue something along the lines of “that ain’t Ruth…it’s Erin! This sucks!”

They just don’t get it. Or, they take porno way too seriously. Either way, they’re missing the point.

From Erin came Ruth, and Ruth’s here to stay — at least for the time being. And Ruthie rules. She’s way better than Erin ever was. She takes white girls and converts them to black cock sluts. Then, there’s time the girls who stop by the studio are black cock sluts, and when that’s the case, they take turns.

Either way, the scenes are fucking hot, and I’m not just saying that cause I shot ’em all.

You guys have no idea how much work goes into these sites. This has been a project that got green lighted 18 months ago, and it’s just making its way to the net now. All the scenes are girl-girl boys, and we managed to book everyone from, say, now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t Bailey Bliss, to Vixen, who made the rounds for about 6 months, to superstars like Cherry Poppens and Kelly Wells.

If you like black cock worshippin’ sluts, and if you like to watch Ruth verbally abuse the girls who come over to play, and if you like big black cocks impale white ba-ginas, then you’re gonna love Ruth Blackwell.

It’ll be fun for me, cause these are scenes I haven’t seen since I shot them, which means as I revisit them, I’ll have more fun stories to tell ya.

Who knew that Ruthie would wind up getting knocked up by one of the brothas? But now I’m getting ahead of myself, and that’s never a good thing.

Ruth Blackwell

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