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Spring Thomas

Jazz writes:

I have read several of your blogs where you are talking bad about the female talent, with the exception of Spring, Jayma, and Barbie. Some of the girls might be ugly, but you don’t have to call them out like that, cause the male talent doesn’t always look that great theirselves. I have visted Black on Blondes, Katie, and Spring enough to see that the male talent my be packing, but face wise they are ugly as hell. I know you straight, and blogging about such a thing would seem gay, thats why I have to speak on it. There are a few fine niggas that I have seen drop by the sites, like Max Black, Brian Pumper, Rico Strong, Ace, and Dick James (just to name a few), but those other guys who pop up on the site more often be the worst. Shane Diesel, Mandingo, Jack Napier, Wesley Pipes…what the fuck. These dudes are fucking ugly, but you want to rip on the chicks. I surely hope the female talent don’t pick out the dude or dudes they are fucking, cause some of them have bad taste. Let go back right quick, the finiest nigga of all (Bam or Bam Bam) he as been on Spring and Katie’s sites, but the best looking ones always up and disappear after a while. Just some of my thoughts!

Dearest Jazz,

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I talk “bad” about who? What, exactly, did I say? This kinda catches me off guard, to tell you the truth. Perhaps you have misinterpreted some things?

Blame it on metaphor?

Here’s something to think about: ugly guys banging hot chicks sells. Sells great. Go figure! Maybe the average Joe Surfer at home sees himself as ugly, and he sees a hot chick banging a gross guy, and he imagines gross guy as himself, and suddenly, he has a chance.

And he buys a membership to the site.

This is driving me crazy. Where did I slam female talent on my blog? Gimme a few while I go back and reread…

Ah! Perhaps you’re speaking of the blog I called “My Casting Woes“? When I said Brandy Dallas was “not that hot”? I think you need to reread what I wrote there, and I’ll clarify this right now — I wasn’t talking badly about Brandy whatsoever.

I love everybody!

You too.

Your pal,


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