Chelci Fox, Redux

Spunkmouth Chelci Fox

I just read a brief paragraph about my blog, and for the most part, it was positive. The only negative thing they said was I don’t show a whole lotta nudie pics here. And in fact, I don’t. Sometimes you get one – like today – and sometimes you get none. And sometimes, when I’m feeling really pervy, I’ll toss a handful your way. Besides, who do you think I am, anyway…The Hun? Furthermore, a lot of the nudie pics I post here you can only find here, so quit busting my balls, would ya?

Anyway, after I read about the lack of nudity, I thought I’d give ya a big ol’ present today. Chelci Fox, in the buff. Oh sure, you get to see my chubby ass in there, too. (Look at how pathetic I am, trying to blow a kiss to her.)

And because there’s no warning page on ISP, I had Chelci cover her coochie. Wouldn’t want any minors seeing a vagina.

God forbid.

Oh, did I mention Chelci’s out of the game? She quit. Stone Cold. All done. With shoots booked this month, no less. She’s pissed off a few producers, but I don’t blame her. This is a rough game, and a lot of times it ain’t girl-friendly. She’s available for nudes and solo masturbation stuff, so who knows. Maybe you’ll see her in one of your favorite stroke mags.

Did I mention Chelci’s got just about the nicest set of juggs I’ve ever seen?

It’s late, and I’m sick. I’m starting to ramble. I just walked in from a strip joint. I’ve been to a strip joint twice in the last 5 years, and before tonight it was last month, when Julia Bond danced at Stevie’s Cabaret. I’ll go to Stevie’s tomorrow night, only to say hi to my pal Taryn Thomas. I went tonight cause I felt the need to see some tits.

Taryn Thomas!

I shot her when she was still Britt. Before she left for LA. Before hair extensions. Now she’s all that. And all I can say is right on. You go girl. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Of course I’m sincere when I say all this, cause Taryn really wants to be a big star…and she’s almost there. Taryn’s got a sex drive like a dude, and that’s why she’s in this business. It’s not about abuse, or being fucked up on drugs, or supporting a suitcase pimp. Imagine having a girlfriend who loves to fuck!

The last time I talked to her, she called me all giggly and bubbly before her MeatHoles scene; that should tell you something about Taryn’s personality.

Anyway, I’m sick. And tired. But not sick and tired, even though I sound like it from time to time. In a few days I’m back to Los Angeles – The Dark Side – to make more dirty movies. So I better go rest up for now…and let’s see if I can get some nudie pics of Taryn for you guys tomorrow. If she says OK, I’ll post them here tomorrow night. Promise.

I gotta keep giving you a reason to come back here anyway, right?

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