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I think before I post S.S.’s latest e-mail, you need some sort of background info on S.S. That’s me on the right. S.S. is supporting the very big hair to your left. Pic snapped at Dogfart’s secret mansion, high on the hill looking out over the Pacific Ocean, 3 years ago. See, during the day, we were churning out interracial sex scenes for Blacks On Blondes at an alarming rate.

And then, at night, the debauchery went down.

The pic you see here is me and S.S., and the height of our misdeeds to society. Coulda been after a jacuzzi session with a barely-legal heet. Coulda been after all the talent flaked on us and no one made their money that day. Coulda been after a scene where the female talent has a break down on set and gets carried out of the mansion in a fetal ball. Coulda been after the black dudes fight among themselves, and we’re all worried about our safety.

All of which went down.

Now S.S. shoots interracial gay porn for Blacks On Blondes sister site, Blacks On Boys.

So, with that intro laid down, S.S. writes to me today:

what’s up billy! how’s life. and business? guess what? i’m outta here. december is going to be my last month . . . it’s just gotten to be too much. i’d like to think that i’m over the porno biz. we’ll see if the seperation is forever, but at the very least it’s gonna be for a while. i…i actually doubt i could mentally / emotionally handle the typical bullshit that comes with this crap more than i already do now. i literally hate being around these people . . so i don’t think i’ll go crazy with shooting before i go, no matter how much i could use the money. fuck it. eventually the money runs out anyway, ya know? eventually it always does. if i want to get away from porno, the main thing i’ll need to do is figure out how to financially make it w/out the easy money! i haven’t earned outside porn cash since 2000!! that is crazy. anyway man hope you are doing well. holler at me – s.s.

See…you all fuckers that read IShootPorn think this is all easy. Fun and laughs. Shits and giggles. Whoop de doo. In fact tonight, at the dinner table, my little brother’s friend comes up to me and laughs the typical laugh when he asks “How’s your work, Billy?”

How come when I run into people who know what I do for a living they chuckle and giggle? Do they giggle and laugh when they ask, say, an accountant how their day went? (I know…I know. Dumb question.)

But the answer to how I’m doing is something close to what my old friend S.S. says above. This shit ain’t easy, my brothas. Don’t envy me. Don’t envy S.S. The porn you pervy bastards beat your meat to – the stuff that doesn’t hit the editing room floor – ain’t what goes down on a set…that’s for sure.

A lot of the people who are talent in my business do what they do cause they can’t function in any other aspect of society. A lot were, in fact, drug dealers and gangsters and fuck-ups of varying degrees. And we deal with them on a daily basis.

Now don’t get me wrong. I ain’t complaining. There’s a reason why me and S.S. are acting all stooopid in that pic. I mean there’s days when shooting porn rules, and I wouldn’t do anything else. But I also wanted to show you that shooting porn ain’t a big ol’ sex orgy.

This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no foolin’ around.

This is work. A lot of time it’s hard work.

In other words, it’s a lot like what you do for a living.

Maybe it’s a lot like life.

3 thoughts on “S.S. and Billy”

  1. yo, if that’s they guy i’m thinking of, tell him we miss “jewish cheerleaders.”

  2. What does S.S. stand for? Is that a abbreviation of his real name or a sly porn name of some kind like “Super Snake”?

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