My Pal Phyllisha Anne


The very first porno gal I ever met was Phyllisha Anne. It was August of 1999 in New Orleans at an early Internext show. The Internext show is a national convention for scurvy porno bastards like myself who push their dirty movies over the internet.

I knew Phyllisha Anne from a scene she shot with Jake Steed. This was back in the day when I whacked to porn. She took Jake’s massive load directly to the kisser, and after watching it, I took a load all over myself…from myself. Fun, huh? I often wish I could get off watching porn again…but now it’s just weird. Don’t ask me to explain why.

Anyway, I walked on to that Internext floor in New Orleans, and there she was. I recognized her almost immediately, and I walked up to her and told her I was a fan. It was almost a surreal experience – talking to a porno star – and it’s a feeling I lost long ago. Sometimes, I kinda get that feeling again…the last time I think I got kinda “fanish” was when I met Aurora Snow at her agent’s house. I think I’d act kind of fanish for Kacey, too, if we ever get to meet.

Maybe not.

Phyllisha Anne was super nice on that convention floor in New Orleans, and she was super nice when she walked into Dogfart’s Secret Mansion high on that hill in Malibu, three years later. I was really surprised when I saw her, and I said hello, and brought up New Orleans, and she remembered, and then we went to work. First, I drove her to that secret gloryhole near Oxnard I’ve told you guys about (she got a big kick out of the gloryhole action), and then we headed back to the mansion for Blacks On Blondes.

Take a look at these free Dogfart pictures. Note the guitar in the back, leaning up against the sofa? Well, my friend S.S. worked a song into the cheezy porn scenario that day, actually singing a song to Phyllisha right before three brothers pounded the shit out of her. When S.S. walked into the room with that guitar, I thought he was going to sing a nice song to her – a stupid thought on my part. I don’t remember the lyrics to S.S.’s song, but the opening lines went something like “You’re a filthy whore / and a dirty, dirty slut” and he sang them sweetly, and of course Phyllisha Anne was a sport, and we all laughed afterward, and then I lent her my flannel PJ’s cause it was cold outside when she left and right then and there I developed this kind of schoolboy crush on her.

I never saw those flannel PJ’s again.

I won’t tell you about the time Alec Metro called me to shoot a girl he knew…a girl who was in dire need for money – such a dire need that she was willing to commit the most intimate act we do as humans to film. I won’t tell you about that cause the shoot didn’t go down, cause, to be honest with you, she wasn’t shootable…not physically or mentally. But I went to the house Alec and his girl were at, and guess who’s house it was?

Phyllisha Anne’s.

And we talked about New Orleans, and Malibu, and gloryholes and S.S.’s song, and it must have been 2 years ago since Alec Metro made that call to me.

How does time work? Why is it that the older we get, the faster it goes away? How did Charles Bukowski put it?

The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills.

Just a few days ago, my pal Nicky Milo was shooting a MILF scene, and I was running around, stressed to the max, trying to make my new studio work, and there she was – Phyllisha Anne.

And we talked about New Orleans, and Malibu, and gloryholes and S.S.’s song, and Alec Metro’s girl I wouldn’t shoot, and the shape our lives have taken since then.

Because our days do indeed run away like wild horses over the hills.

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