Amber Rayne Christens My New Studio

Amber and Naudia

Joe hit me up on ICQ around the first of October for a favor – he’s working with Amber Rayne on her site, and he wanted me to blast off some content for him. He wanted a new look for some of her scenes, and he wanted to know if I was interested. I was flattered, and I took the gig.

Turns out the gig was a lesbo anal fuck fest with Naudia Nyce.

I hadn’t met Amber until that day, but I have a history with Naudia. She was Sophia’s pal, and whenever I’d see Naudia – and it was usually when I was hanging out with Sophy – she’d always refer to me as “Sophia’s Friend From Arizona”, and I always thought that had kind of a nice ring to it. And of course I’d ask her when we could work together, and the answer was always “soon” – which never happened…until just this week.

I love Sirius Radio. I really do. It kicks a whole bunch of ass, from Howard Stern – who’s practically reinvented himself on satellite – to The Underground Garage and Left of Center. I blast the radio whenever I’m working in the studio, and my Amber Rayne / Naudia Nyce day was no exception. I should have known the girls wouldn’t be digging Wilco or Sonic Youth or Ben Kweller, so when Amber asked if I had any Motley Crue, I bolted to my radio and tuned in Hair Nation.

Ever see what happens to porn girls when The Crue is turned to up to 11? Or G n’ R? It’s a lot like George Romero’s zombies in his latest masterpiece Land of the Dead. Remember when the zombies get distracted by fireworks? So much so they stare into space and leave The Living alone?

Don’t believe me? Next time you’re hanging out with porn stars, blast “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and watch, in pure amazement, as the girls suddenly lose all train of thought in whatever it was they were doing to start prancing around the room like they’re working a strip joint for 20 dollar bills. It’s amazing, it really is. One second Naudia and Amber are filling out model releases, the next it’s just like the front stage of your favorite club, and they’re looking into the air like Romero’s zombies, strutting their stuff and leaning up against anything that’ll hold them up. The only thing missing were brass poles.

OK – I’ll skip to the good part – where each girl had a glass dildo shoved up their butt, and they were racing to see who could cum first. It was a close call…really close. But I’ll give it to Amber. After both girls busted a nut and gave each other a gentle kiss on the lips, I flipped off the camera, said the same thing I always say at the end of a good scene, and started off to unload content.

Do you think the girls stopped what they were doing?

Fucking Amber started heavin’ and shakin’, and I sat there for a second, foolishly thinking she was just goofing, and when it dawned on me she wasn’t, I ran and got my camera and flipped it back on. Naudia was going nuts too – working her butthole – as Amber pounded on her clit. Naudia moaned and groaned and so did Amber, and I said, more than once, “but girls, the scenes over! Time to get paid!!” and they told me – in unison – to shut the fuck up, and the next thing I know Amber really busted a nut…all over my brand new studio floor. They kissed again, looked up at me, and smiled.

Wrap scene.

That’s about the time Cherry Poppens walked in, looked at the floor, then looked at me and said, “Don’t expect me to clean that.”

Fair enough, Cherry. Fair enough. She grabbed my cameras and unloaded content while I did the dirty work…loving every second of it.

Amber Rayne

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