Either / Or with Cherry Poppens


In case you’ve been wondering what’s become of her lately, Cherry is now my personal assistant. She’s also going to manage my new studio, which you have no idea about, since I’ve never really mentioned it…until now. Cherry hasn’t shot a scene in, uhhh, maybe 3 weeks ago with my main most man John E. Depth – a boy/girl for some website that isn’t up yet.

So she’s laying on my bed right now, as I type this, and instead of the typical porno interview I usually do, I’m just gonna blast out a few “Either/Or” questions for Cherry. I’m calling these either/or questions, and you’ll know what I mean when you read the first one.

By the way, Cherry’s trying to ease out of being in front of the camera to being behind it. So far, she’s kicking a whole lot of ass. Which doesn’t mean she’s retired by any means…she’s just slowing down.

And finally, Cherry’s been a vegantarian for 13 years. Over half her life she’s only eaten veggies. She’s also the pickiest eater I know…for example, she’ll pick the “meat juice” off her vegan patty before she stuffs it in her pie-hole.

With that said, here we go:

ISP: Would you rather do a double anal scene, or eat a turkey leg at your Thanksgiving table next month?

Cherry: Well, I’d never do double anal, and I wouldn’t eat a turkey leg.

ISP: You gotta answer. Either turkey or Double A.

Cherry: I’d try double anal.

ISP: Either a 5 man cum swallow, or a quarter pounder with cheese?

Cherry: Is there money involved, too? Like I get paid for the 5 man swallow?

ISP: Of course. Money. Either swallow the jizz or swallow the Royal With Cheese.

Cherry: The 5 man swallow.

ISP: Either dine at a C rated restaurant in LA, or an ass-to-mouth scene.

Cherry: They’re both pretty much the same, really.

ISP: Either/Or.

Cherry: What kind of food would it be at the place?

ISP: Whatever’s fresh on the menu.

Cherry: This is hard.

ISP: Either/Or.

Cherry: I’d rather eat my ass than bugs in my salad in a C rated place…and then just not eat for a few days.

ISP: Makes perfect sense. Either a nice filet mignon and lobster tail…you know, Surf and Turf, or going out on a date with Lil’ Pimp Hand?

Cherry: DUDE! DUDE! Where would I have to go? And what does a date mean?

ISP: You hold his hand, have dinner, then go to a movie, where he may or may not try to french kiss you, and then he takes you home, where he does, indeed, french kiss you.

Cherry: How can I hold his hand and walk? How is that possible? He’s no bigger than my torso…my mom said I have a long torso, but it’s not that long.

ISP: OK – then you carry him around like a baby.

Cherry: Can I throw up the lobster and steak after?

ISP: Yes, you can throw up.

Cherry: I might try the steak.


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