Super fun e-mails.


JA writes:

Are there any girls out there you haven’t worked with, that you wish you had worked with? Is there ever any chance of seeing the unbelievable Aurora Snow again on one of your sites? I am so in love with her.

Hey JA:

Yea, there’s one, and it may – or may not – be a surprise.


Here’s why: Just before I got into this crazy biz and I was still actually pleasuring myself with dirty movies, I flipped over Kacey in one of her first scenes…I think it was with Mr. Marcus and Eric Everhard. I thought she was the hottest porno chick, ever.

(I’m a sucker for brunettes, by the way.)

Not too long later, I got the gig shooting 2nd camera for Blacks On Blondes in Dogfart’s secret mansion way up on the top of the hill in Malibu. And I got there just days after the Blacks On Blondes Kacey scene went down, and I was so pissed I missed out on not only shooting her, but meeting her, too.

Fast forward two years, and I’m at my pal Chico Wang’s, and he’s telling me this crazy story that went down only days earlier, about a crazy girl who got really wasted and a whole lotta drama went down at his pad, and when I asked who this girl was…well, you guessed it – Kacey.

Again, I was totally pissed I missed out on a meeting (and witnessing the drama).

Not too long ago, one of the agents who has my e-mail sends out one of his mass mailers – featuring Kacey. I’m booking and shooting and directing, and of course I wanna shoot her, and I call, and try try try to hook it up…but she’s far away from LA, and doesn’t have much desire to return, and even though I got to chat (briefly) with her about coming out.

It never happened.

So after shooting like 400+ scenes and being in this whacky game for 4 years, Kacey’s the one. And no, she doesn’t read my blog (at least not to my knowledge)…I just got lucky with the fan sign she made for me, and in exchange for the picture she sent me, I’d send her some traffic. So, click on Kacey’s pic and check out her new site. It’s Kacey’s official site, and it turned out really, really nice.

As for Aurora Snow, well, she’s out, again. Aurora was bookable for a spell after her contract expired, and I met her at her agent’s, but she’s gone again, and, from what I hear, she ain’t coming back…not until she’s out of money.

Cause that’s how it works with all these silly girls.

Your pal,


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