Top 10 Spunkmouth Scenes – According to My Members

Amy Reid

We have a cool feature in the members’ area of Spunkmouth: a rating system that allows members to grade each scene on a 1 to 10 scale. To me, I guess it’s way more interesting than cool, cause I’m constantly trying to figure out what my members are thinking, so I can figure out what they really like, so I can give them more of the same; however, if this top ten list is any indication of what “type of girl” they’re looking for, or what “type of scene” they’re looking for…well, it’s still a mystery to me.

So, as of September 7th of 2006, here’s the top ten girls of Spunkmouth:

10) Amy Reid – Say what you want about her over-the-top 80’s make-up for this scene, or what you want about her face, Amy Reid is a hottie. Hands down she has one of the best bodies in the biz. Some call her a “butter” face, and to me, that’s silly talk from all the producers who were pissed about her $2000 per scene rate. Imagine a producer being pissed about a girl’s rate. Totally dumb. To me, it takes a lot of balls to charge twice the going rate is for whatever kind of service it is you provide – whether you fuck on camera for a living or make widgits for a living – and love her or hate her, Amy Reid has very big balls. I mean this as a compliment, of course. Oh, and did I mention, she’s announced her retirement from the adult world? You go girl.

9) Ice La Fox – Latinas are a hot commodity, and Ice La Fox is one of the hottest in her genre…maybe the hottest. Ice has staying power, too, cause this is a business where they come and go, and for some reason the latina girls come and go even more than all the rest (can anyone say Soma Hernandez?) – except Ice La Fox.

8) Taylor Kurtis – I booked Taylor at the 2005 AVN’s and shot the scene in a seedy hotel at the very end of the Strip. It was her first or second boy-girl ever, and right after I shot it she ended up on one of LA’s biggest porno girl agencies, and she was listed as doing solo/girl-girl work only. So I guess I scored. You shoulda seen the looks she got on that floor in Vegas…I knew I was doing the right thing booking her just looking at all the dudes who would literally stop dead in their tracks and turn to stare at Taylor as she passed…whether or the dudes were with their girl – or their buddies.

7) Chloe Dior – Chloe had been on the circuit a good year or two when I booked her to fuck Tyler Durden’s brains out, and that’s exactly what she did. Here’s a funny aside: during break I was talking with Tyler when we both looked back on set in amazement…it’s “break time” and Chloe’s got a pink vibrator smashed against her clit and was shaking like leaf on a tree. That’s the truth. And pardon the cliche.

6) Envi – Once upon a time there was a girl named Envi and she was best pals with a girl named Eva Angelina and they were roomies in a very magical place called Porn Valley. I drove out to their pad and shot Envi for Spunkmouth and I also bagged an Eva Angelina Jizz on My Glasses scene. Envi was so new she really didn’t know how to fuck on camera, so Miss Angelina sat off in the back and shouted out tips as I rolled camera. Soon after that Envi renamed herself Eve Lawrence. Soon after that they got into a big fight and hated each other. Soon after that they made up. Soon after that Eva said she was going to join the Navy. Soon after that Eve got a boyfriend. You can’t shoot them now…at least right now. Maybe soon, when they need money, they’ll come back to this magical, mystical place.

5) Tori Lane – I think the best thing I liked about working with Tori was her penchant to call the male talent a “man whore” while fucking. It’s so true, too. All the dudes in this business are man whores, as most of you reading this are, too, just the same as I am. Say it loud and say it proud – I AM A MAN WHORE! Did it help her scene that she fucked her man whore in a filthy public bathroom? Sure. Did it help that Tori can’t get fucked hard enough? Yep. Did it help that Tori got down on her knees and lapped up the cum off the dirty, filthy bathroom floor? The cum that didn’t get all over her face? You betcha.

4) Meg – Here’s a big surprise for the number 4 spot. Meg was a softcore model who got started with the infamous Lightspeed crew. You remember Tawnee Stone? Well, somehow I think the gang at Lightspeed had Meg tapped as the next Tawnee, until she showed up on set one day with brand new tats all over herself. She did FTVGirls about the same time, but I don’t think those folks were too psyched about her tats, either. About that same time Amateur Allure shot her, too…until more and more tats began sprouting all over herself. Now, I’m purely speculating here…I could be totally wrong about the tats thing. Anyway, next stop for Meg was porn valley, Vince Vouyer’s office, and a new name – Ryan Star. Then, Peter North’s office. Then back home and my office. Then she disappeared. She’d surface – briefly – every 6 months or so…but that’s about it. (By the way, just just resurfaced again; let’s see how long she keeps her head above the water this time).

3) Riley Mason – This isn’t a big surprise at all. Riley’s hot…Indie Hot. Indie Hot like Loose Fur, The Dirtbombs, Turbo Negro and The Eagles of Death Metal – all rolled up into one big treat: Riley Mason.

2) Boo D. Licious – Bella Donna introduced me to Boo 4 years ago next month. I can’t believe how time flies. She was 18, had shot one scene, and I remember immediately getting on the phone with my partner J. and pleading with him to put some money into our shoot budget. Spunkmouth wasn’t even launched then…but we were working on it. Boo really made the site stand out when we first went live – not only cause she’s hot, but by the time we went live, Boo had gone the same way most of these girls go…down the disappearing path back to a “normal” life.

1) Nadia Synn – Nadia Synn. Go figure. The number 1 scene on Spunkmouth is the only one on this list I didn’t shoot. Local agent/cameraman Cole found Nadia and sent me pics. I greenlighted the shoot immediately, and now Nadia Synn sits a top of very impressive list. Where did she go? Well, not long after this shoot, Nadia was seriously injured in a car crash, and last I heard, she’s still in recovery. I only hope the best for her.

Nadia Synn

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