Super fun e-mails concerning Jayma Reed.

Jayma Reed

R. writes:

Dear Billy:

For a cultured pornographer, you’re quite a lame duck as far as getting laid goes. So you’re giving this porn chick the girlfriend romantic treatment and taking her places she would never go even if she made enough money –such as Marmont—because she would never hear about them on account of her prime education, gourmet habits and intellectual capacity. When you said you just kissed, I really felt for you (Morrissey, Hairdresser on Fire). You are so pussy whipped, she’ll never give it away, cause even though she’s for hire… she’s not stupid. You just fell into the friend with a wallet, Daddy Warbucks category, with agirl who fucks for a living, in front of a camera. Please, please, tell me you’re banging her. Otherwise, you’re either a voyeur, too lonely, depressed, or turning into a minion. By the way, she looks great, just the school girl,innocent looking type who’s looking for a someone to protect her. I’ve got to give it to you, I probably would have fallen too, but then again, I’m no pornographer.

Hope you score.

Then A.S. wrote:

I stumbled across your blog about 2 months ago in much the same way most people do: I was searching for images and whatnot of Cherry Poppens. What I found intstead was a great blog that satisfied my curiousity and a fascination I’ve had for years now: the human sided of the adult industry. Your latest entry (My New Gal? Pt4) is a great example of this. Please keep this sort of stuff coming, as it serves to remind many of us that, as fucked up as they be, porn stars are indeed human beings.

Then D. wrote:

Your blog on July 28th Was one of the single sweetest, most touching things I have ever heard Billy.

And then D.Z. wrote:

I’m curious, did you meet Jayma before or after you started working with her? Isn’t it unprofessional to date the ‘talent’ ?

Hey Guys!

Addressing these e-mails in no particular order, I shall make the following statements:

1) Never get your honey where you get your money.

2) I’m breaking rule 1 right now. Kinda.

3) I definately a lame duck as far as getting laid goes; however, I’m not a voyeur, too lonely, depressed, or turning into a minion.

4) I’ve spent some time with a girl. A girl I’ve had a good time with. And I still haven’t decided if my personal sex life is fair game here. No, wait. I take that back. My personal sex life is fair game here; hers isn’t.

5) While Morrissey’s Hairdresser on Fire might be an appropriate analogy, Girlfriend in a Coma might be better – however painfully obvious it might be.

So can any of you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary? Cause I just did it for you guys.

Your pal,


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