Jayma Reed on Her Cum Guzzlin’ Pal Jacky Joy

Jacky Joy

From time to time I’m going to have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

I think you guys know who Jayma Reed is, and how great I think she is, and bladda bladda bladda blah…and if you don’t, well, dig into my archives and read all about her wonderful self. Today she waxes poetic on her (and our) slutty truck stop whore pal Jacky Joy.

So… doesn’t my friend Jacky Joy look really happy to be eating some hairy ass? In fact she looks so thrilled that even her hair is trying to back away from the butthole. I can’t help but laugh hysterically when I see this photo for two reasons–#1) I’ve worked with Jacky since she started in the business and I know that she is a full blown diva, who wants to blow up like Jenna Jameson, and, #2) her dreams of stardom are somewhat stunted by her hate for cum, cum swapping, buttholes, pussy juice, and anything else that drips or oozes out of the human body.

I have to say that I LOVE my little Jacky Joy! She kicks ass (and apparently, eats it—in fact, she even ate mine, but that’s another blog). Jacky is ghetto fabulous and she’s from Pennsylvania. She has a deep rooted love for text messaging and calling her very best friends “dirty pirate hookers”. Jacky and I like to work together doing girl/girl scenes. I am not sure why she likes to work with me, but I enjoy her porn partnership because she is 5’2, 115 lbs, has big innocent blue eyes, and she dominates my shit (I’m 5’10 by the way). Jacky throws on a big black strap on and, all of the sudden, she’s a sex addict on viagra.

So picture this—Cute little Jacky Joy, swingin her big rubber dick back and forth, dancing around till her big, fake balls fall out of their satchel. It’s hard to keep a straight face, but somehow we pull it off. Another thing I love about my slutbag friend Jacky, is that she and I are a little lesbian porno couple when we’re together. Billy already blogged about our beach adventure, but what he didn’t tell you is that she likes to pull my skirt up in a crowded room, or grab my va-jay if she catches guys checking us out. She likes to fight with the guys I date and asks to take pictures of me masturbating to send to her friends back home.

I’m going to change gears for a second and say that Jacky is one of my favorite people and I miss her! I’d also like to add that Billy and I are in Maui and I’ve teased him silly since we got here—but I’m sure you’ll hear all about that:) mmmmmwah! xoxoxo Jayma

Jacky Joy

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