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Well they’ve arrived: Bachelor Pad Productions is proud to announce the world DVD debut of SPUNKMOUTH Volumes 1 & 2!

I know I’ve blogged about this is the past, but I’ll say it now, again – somehow, these DVD’s “validate” things…in a weird way. There’s always been this feeling that “internet porn” was sloppy, gonzoesque, poorly produced porn, while “DVDs” are a more exceptional product. And since they’re tangible, well…that makes them special.

I’ll stand behind these scenes – internet or DVD – even though some of them were the first scenes I’d ever shot. All I can say is damn…these really came out nicely. There’s things you can see on your TV that you can’t see in a file smooshed down to fit through an internet connection, and that’s about the only real difference between DVD’s and the internet, as far as I’m concerned.

That and the internet eliminates that pesky movie rental sales clerk – you know…the guy who knows all your kinks and perversions, even though you don’t want him to.

Volume One features: Riley Mason, as well as Meg (AKA Ryan Star), BJ Swallows, Lisa and Vicki Vette.

Man does Riley Mason look great in one of her first scenes ever! James Deen fucked her silly! And I almost forgot how sweet local amateurs BJ Swallows and Lisa were, and everyone knows Vicki Vette – her double-dicking will look great on your big screen TV!

Volume Two features: Spring Thomas and her very FIRST boy/girl scene, along with Brandi Lyons, Nadia, Savannah and Tina.

What can I say about Spring Thomas that I haven’t said before? Check out one of two non-interracial boy-girl scenes EVER. (We own the other one, too). Brandi Lyons gave us a super-gaped asshole – in addition to her spunked mouth; Nadia and Savannah are local amateurs that were in porn for a scene or two and the quick paycheck that came with it…and Tina was the one that “got away” – she showed up in Porn Valley, blew people away with the handful of scenes she shot, then, days later, virtually disappeared.

We went with Gamelink cause they’re stand-up folks and they’ll get your DVD’s to you with the same kind of speed and efficiency as those other large corporate entities you’ve probably done business with before. Which isn’t to say the only place you can buy these DVDs are at Gamelinlk; last time I checked, there were a handful of online retailers selling them, and if you don’t see them at your favorite store, ask the pesky movie rental sales clerk to order them both!!

Jacky Joy

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