Eva Angelina JOMG


I’ve been away from LA for almost two weeks, and today, when I get back into the studio, there’s one of my partners shooting a super hot girl on a motorcycle. It turns out to be a scene for Axel Braun, this big shot director dude that probably takes himself too seriously.

As I get closer to the set, I see the girl on the bike is none other than Eva Angelina.

I pretend not to see her, although I know she saw me glance at her; she does a terrific job pretending not to notice me.

Eva is hands down one of the hottest girls in the game right now. And trust me when I tell you she looks better than ever. I tried booking her a few months ago, and things just didn’t work out. When I called to rebook her, all hell broke loose. Turns out I’m a creep. She has no interest in ever working with me, and she makes it very clear never, ever to call her again.

My head starts to spin. WTF? The first – and only – time I shot her, things went great. Met her and her (then) roomate “Envi” in Porno Land. I had male talent with me, and we ended up shooting two scenes over there – one with her roomie Envi for Spunkmouth…and then other with Eva for JOMG. Afterward, I remember buying pizza, hanging out for a half hour or so, and leaving. I say “I remember” cause this was so long ago Envi hadn’t changed her name to Eve Lawrence yet, and Eva Angelina still had real boobies.

Fast forward a year and a half, and she’s upset, and I’m a creep, and she’ll never work with me again.

I hang up the phone and I’m bummed. Really bummed. It’s bad enough I can’t work with Eva again. And it’s worse she thinks I’m a creep…and even though I’ve shot 400+ scenes and never been called a creep…or even had anyone hint I was creepy…and in fact everyone I’ve ever shot with wants to work with me again…so yea, I’m bummed.

Still am.

So tonight, as Eva pulled herself off that bike, and sauntered back to the dressing room, I really wanted to go apologise for whatever it was I did that upset her so much. But I didn’t. Just let it be. Whatever.

You just can’t get along with everyone, although I try. Especially in this business where there are a lot of fucking creeps, I really do my best to treat all the talent with nothing but resepect. I never spring any last minute bullshit on them, never make demands, never flip out on set when things aren’t going the way I planned. In other words, in a business where creeps abound, I try my best to be non-creepy.

Anyways…I start working again Sunday. Till then, I’m gonna hang in LA and go to museums and look at art. And eat some hotdogs at Pink’s. And check out some book stores. And maybe hit La Luz de Jesus.

Then it’s back to making smut.

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