Porn’s Final Days?

Avy Scott
Porno Princess calls me the other day. She’s in tears. She’s broke. She has no money, which isn’t anything new for most Porno Princesses — trust me, this I know. “Do you have any work? I’ll do almost anything right now. For whatever you have to pay me.”

Another Porno Princess texts me: If you pay me $750 I will do any kind of scene you want. ANY kind.

Stunt Cock called me a week ago. He’s pissed. He’s got one of the biggest wieners in Porn Valley, but that doesn’t mean a thing anymore. After telling me, “this business has bankrupted me. Fuck porn!” he said he’s about to embark on a new career: he’s leaving for Alaska to be a fur trapper. (Yes, a fur trapper. I won’t comment beyond that).

What’s going on?

Free Internet Porn.

In addition to no more money for Porno Princess and Stunt Cock, there’s no more future work either. Which is just a dumb way of saying in the past you could live day-to-day, cause you were getting booked 5 times a week. Now some of these performers are lucky to get booked 3 times a month. And the only girls who are getting consistent work are the newbs.

Like most business, porn’s struggling. Unlike most, porn’s business model is competing against something fierce and mighty. To really complicate things, it’s a business model has changed radically in the last five years…and no one likes change.

DVD’s have pretty much vanished; online adult flourished…and now it’s all all free.

But you know that.

Imagine opening a taco stand, and a few weeks later another opens across the street. The tacos aren’t as good as yours, but they’re free. Gratis. Take ’em and leave — as many as you want.

You just left a Tube Site. Admit it. You just jacked it for free, and you probably watched a half dozen full length scenes before blowing you load, too, and you didn’t shell out a penny. You didn’t have to worry about downloading some weird codec. You didn’t have to worry about downloading a file that might be a virus. You didn’t have to give up your e-mail. No joining some creepy forum. You didn’t even have to wait for the file to fucking download. You just pulled down your pants, made sure Wifey wasn’t on her way home, pressed a play button and cranked one out. Then, you cleaned up, checked out what I have to say today, and now you’re on your way out to start your day. Or finish it. Or continue it. Whatever.

You’ve probably been doing been doing this since about 2007, too, when The Tubes starting catching on fire. Now a few of them are even ranked in the top 100 over at Alexa, and that’s huge — which you may or may not know.

Huge as in huge numbers. Huge amounts of traffic. Spread over all of them, I bet it’s a billion impressions a week. Or a weekend.

And you know they’re using their stolen, full-length clips, and you love it. You know they’re using stolen porn to sell something other than porn, which is a first. Instead of selling you more porn (why? They just fucking gave you more than you could watch), they’re selling (mostly) memberships that promise to get you laid.

This way, you won’t have to jack to porn anymore.

It’s taken about 2 years for all this to really hit home. Like I said, Tubes started catching on around the start of ’07; the DVD market started crumbling soon thereafter; now it’s hit the internet guys. Porn Valley is drying up, and fast. People are freaking out. Agencies are closing. More than 90% of the jobs are being booked by less than 10% of the companies. Rates are dropping. No one’s sure when it’ll come back — if it ever does.

Most are betting it won’t.

I always thought once the masses figure out Adult Friend Finder and The Facebook of Sex are nothing but big ol’ Sausage Fests, the Tubes would implode under their own bandwidth bills, and things would get back to normal. But after listening the The Thief ramble in that Amsterdam Coffee Shop last week. I’m not so sure.

I know what you’re thinking, too: Boo-Hoo Billy. Too bad. Join the club. I lost my job, too. Why the fuck should I pay for porn? Most of it sucks anyways, so fuck you. You’re nothing but a sleazy porno dude, so who cares? I don’t pay for music or mainstream movies either. Why should I? It’s not like I’m walking into a store and shoving DVD’s and CD’s under my shirt and walking out. They’re intangibles, and that makes them fair game. If I can’t touch it, I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

I’m not boo-hooing…just blogging.

Things are changing fast. And no one knows where it’s all heading.

There’s still people paying for music and movies. And, believe it or not, some are still paying for adult entertainment, too: the ones who want to see the girl they want to see doing the naughty things they like to watch instead of just whacking to whatever’s given to them are paying for it. Of course it’s no where near like it was before, and with the money drying up in this game, and the companies closing, and talent starting to leave what next?

Maybe everyone will just be stuck jacking to ripped DVD’s that were shot years ago.

Maybe the Tubes will implode.

Maybe Apple and Windows will develop operating systems that’ll know what you do — and don’t — pay for.

Maybe Brazzers (they’re behind the big tubes I mentioned earlier) and the rest of the Porno Thieves will Rule The World.


Jack Kerouac said, “…nobody, nobody knows what’s going to happen to anybody besides the forlorn rags of growing old…”


42 thoughts on “Porn’s Final Days?”

  1. Too bad. Join the club. I lost my job, too. Why the fuck should I pay for porn? Most of it sucks anyways, so fuck you. You’re nothing but a sleazy porno dude, so who cares? I don’t pay for music or mainstream movies either. Why should I? It’s not like I’m walking into a store and shoving DVD’s and CD’s under my shirt and walking out. They’re intangibles, and that makes them fair game. If I can’t touch it, I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

  2. 750 x 3 is 2250 a month. Almost 30 grand a year. That’s not that terrible for having sex 3 times a month. I could live pretty well off that honestly.

    Besides, don’t most porn actresses do pornography to up their name value for stripping? Or as a supplement to hooking?

    Say they make 20 grand a year stripping, which seems low.. Idk, that’s 50,000 grand a year. Now if people are living a porn star life and wasting it on drugs, and shit they can’t afford, that’s just not my problem, and I can’t feel that terrible.

    And I don’t think piracy, though watching porntube stuff isn’t even piracy, is about “intangibles”. It’s about looking for quality, spreading information, and finding value. I know that sounds like bullshit but it’s true. A lot of people work shitty jobs for about as much money as the porn actress makes in 3 fucks. Why should they drop all their money on the glut of poor product that is out there with the rising costs of food and everything else?

    There are a few girls I follow, and some styles of porn I enjoy, but most movies are 4 or 5 girls I’m not that into and one girl I like. And then she gets paired with a guy who can’t shoot a load, has a flaccid cock, or looks like a hobo beat him up. Where is the quality? And if it’s not that it’s some stupid fucking scenario with a guys dick through a pizza, or some fake white husband licking cum out of her pussy because a black guy jizzed in it? Wtf?

    I’ve never seen the quality of porn in America that Private brings to the table in Europe. Just saying.

    Anyway, my point is, America has changed. We’re not the land of plenty anymore. Hell, I just read that California is circling the drain as a failed state. Why should porn be any different? Everybody is cutting back and there is no use blaming a lack of porn activity on technology or the internet.

    I have no idea how it is to run a porn business. I assume you offer naive and willing women money for something they would usually do for free, throw in some cameras, manage some stunt dicks, and throw some silly ideas in the mix. I’m not trying to put you down, or put down anybody in the business, I have lots of respect for sex workers, but lets get on some real talk and be honest.

    Porn exploits a man’s desire to cum, a desire that is already pumped up and exaggerated by more legit media. How many guys have signed up for a website because they are just so fucking horny they can’t think straight? At least give us value while praying on our most base desires.

  3. OK OK … Billy!

    Hopefully none of this happens … and porn valley flourishes …
    I am subscriber for 6 years – blacksonblondes and I remain!
    Now I ask … Where is Jessi Stone?
    Jessi me mad!
    From the video of Jessi, I can only pay homage to her sex!
    Despite all the good updates and BOB, cuckoldssessions and gloryhole!
    I want to Jessi Stone … please make a cuckoldsessions with Jessi!
    When will she back??
    Answer Billy!!!

  4. my advice:

    Get into to the Tube Busines man. If the adult friends sites of the world dry up, some other company will just advertise instead. The cycle of the entire internet business is that if one advertise falls, something else will just fill its place. AS some one who has watched adds on the internet since the 90s usually the people taking adds change every three or four years. The tube names names may change, but the bottle ain’t going to go away.

    If you want to keep making angry porn, learn how to give it away.

  5. I don’t pay for porn… but I never did. There has always been enough of it free on the ‘net for me to get by, and I’m not a kid anymore. I graduated straight from the Sears catalog in the ’80s to free pics on the ‘net in the ’90s, to free video in the ’00s. Is the stuff I dig stolen? I don’t even know how to tell, but I know a lot of it is legit, it’s just the market is so saturated with the depth of material a lot of it you can’t give away.

    One of the saddest things I ever saw was a porn chick I’d seen do good stuff in the past and who was away from the business for awhile doing her first scene back. She gagged, puked on the stunt dick, and dug right back in without a pause to wipe it away because she needed the cash. I don’t even know the real story there, maybe that’s what the director wanted and that’s why it was advertised as her first shot back. It was pretty annoying and disgusting, but truthfully I didn’t even stop jerkin’ it, I just switched sites because there are a million of them out there just like there are a million more porno chicks, stunt cocks, and directors cranking out the material.

    Good luck to you man. I’ve dug your blog. Hope you find a way to keep doing what makes you money, but if not, don’t worry about us consumers. Porn is always gonna be there. Might go low rent and become kinda shitty, like (IMHO) is happening with music (Wilco sucks, by the way, sorry), but I don’t need much production value to pump one out. A couple of dicks in a couple of holes and I’m good to go. Maybe that’s the heart of the problem; dudes can get off to damn near anything. Comes to it I could whip out some old national geographics and burn one to the natives. That’s part of what it means to be a guy.

    You could always turn pimp. Some guys just don’t dig rosie the righty, you know?

  6. Dogfart charges 3 times more per month than my new HBO subscription — which shares revenue with my cable company and the producers of the content.

    Must not be that bad out there.

  7. Porn isn’t dying or whatever bullshit you’re trying to say. Firstly you didn’t even mention foreign markets where the girls are hotter and cheaper, but I digress.

    All that is happening here is the base of power is shifting. It’s shifting away from companies following the retail model and pay to pay model and like you say, shifting towards these free Tube sites.

    Eventually these Tube sites will need more content. This is a solid fact. At that point one of two things will happen:

    1. The Tube sites work out distribution deals with the producers and things basically go back to normal except with your new evil online overlords.

    2. The girls go and work for the Tube sites. It could happen. When the tube sites need content and there’s cheap talent lying around they’ll be the biggest and only game in town.

    You might think these two scenarios are far fetched, but consider that the Tube sites are running on pure stolen content, and not just anyone’s content YOUR content. So to use your taco example it’s like a guy walks into your taco stand and starts handing them out for free quicker than you can resupply.

    Someone’s going to get fucked in the end and it won’t just be the people on screen, however porn is NOT dying it will continue to thrive so long as men have cocks. The only issue is the people who used to make money from porn before are not making money from porn. So the talent will follow the money.

  8. Being inside all this, you probably don’t even start to realize how bad 99.99% of your porn sucks. All I use the “tubes” for are vintage, amateur, and some japanese stuff. Sometimes, rarely, teens may be watchable when they’re fresh and not yet ruined by your industry’s angst and whoredom. But anything shot with “professional performers” in the US is pure vomit.

    So, if this crisis will get rid of you guys, good riddance. Instead other people will come who’re not in it for the money but for the joy of it, and they will be doing a very different kind of porn on the cleared up space. That will be awesome.

    That’s what will happen, mark my words.

  9. I never used to pay for porn. I changed my mind and joined Brazzers recently because of the HDTV porn – but now you are telling me I joined the dark side.

    I already figured out they don’t have a lot of male talent (kind of boring to watch the same two or three guys fuck different girls all the time, somehow reminds me of university ;)).

    What exactly is the problem with Brazzers and their business practisees?

  10. I can´t fücking stand p0rn anymore.
    All the silicone boobies and ridiculously huge chemically induced boners having plastic sex.

    Gimme a 5 min slightly blurry vid by a cam on a nightstand. A woman that doesn´t scream her head of the instant the cawk touches her hellhole, and frantic rutting during the last min and I´m done nicely too.

  11. I could not disagree more with your view on free internet porn.

    While it is true that free porn will lead to some porn companies and sites going out of business, I believe these are the same companies that have put out shitty content for years and never spent any time or money giving their paying fans what they asked for. There will always be a market for sex, you just have to discover what people are willing to pay for and make it happen. People will always be willing to pay for premium content. I’ve been a member of all of your sites multiple times, and for years.

    As for the porn talent not getting work….give me a break. There will always be work for Charley Chase, Bree Olsen,Sasha Grey, Carmella Bing, Sienna West…..and the list goes on. Where the work will stop is for the girls that decide they’re gonna get into the business for 6 months to pay of some bills, buy a car, etc. They think they can show up and spread their legs, close their eyes and show no emotion,if they even show up at all….and if they’re on time it’s a miracle. Then when their 6 months is up and they still have the same bills, the same shitty car, and possibly a drug or alcohol habit to support, they wonder why the producers they shot a shitty scene for 6 months ago won’t hire them again. If they would have been a reliable worker that put a little effort into their scenes they wouldn’t be so hard up for work, and they wouldn’t have to do ANYTHING for $750.

    You are only as valuable to the marketplace as you make yourself. Porn used to be the exception, but it no longer is.

    Here’s to the shitty companies and pornstars going broke and the ones who are willing to listen to their customers flourishing.

  12. Alright, who’s the porn princess? Maybe she’d like to do private show?? That should be your next post, porn princesses that do private show and some contact info.

  13. Did you just think of a new site… porn whores – How low will they go $!

    Run it like a reverse auction… Say Oral swallow start the bidding at $250 and see how low a group of porn whores will go. I bet somone would do it for $50 or lower…

    Now that would be cool.

  14. I just prefer amateur sex. I don’t like the tanned fake-boobs girls from the U.S. I feel the change is a healthy sign from the population of porn surfers.

  15. I work primarily in gay and tubes havent affected us as much as they have straigh.. You cant run a big illegal gay tube. The gay producers are much much more proactive at suing the living fuck out of anyone who even tries it. That and if you did manage to crank out a large gay tube, nobody would buy your traffic.

    I predict in the end the tubes will implode when there is nobody left to buy their shit traffic. Its going to be an interesting year.

  16. What you really mean to say is that mainstream porn is taking a hit. It’s just like the music biz man… alot of those corporate labels have seen quite a dip in album sales but have been making up some revenue from ringtones… but alot of Indy labels are doing just fine.

    I think people are sick of fake porn. Bring on the real thing.

    Tubes have done exactly as you say they have done and when you tie that with the shitty economy it’s a belt tightener for certain… but that means it’s time to think outside of the box and I think that the people who do that are finding real opportunity. Just my 2 cents.

    Personally, I am happy to see some of these corporations take a shit… good fucking riddance. They feed on themselves and everything around them and are run by unethical scumbags who will do anything for a buck. They are just like these girls hitting you up… they will do any scene for $750. The corporate guys will make any deal… if they can make a profit. Hopefully we can weed some of this shit out… but on the other hand there are alot of other big problems with the industry.

    How long are we going to continue to send money to places that can’t buy memberships? I don’t think that we have an ocean of money… how much of it is going to these places every year? It’s only a matter of time before that money dries up as we send more and more to places that don’t return the favor.

    The moral to the story is that it’s not just about tubes… it’s a culmination of many factors that are caused by the lack of long term thinking on the part of the majority of the people in this business. The people that will win in the end are the long term thinkers… even the tube owners will fade away as their short term game dries up. I have watched it happen over and over on a smaller scale.

  17. This does have the capacity to fuck up the adult industry pretty bad.

    Despite what others have said, this will cut into the work that someone like a Bree Olson will get.

    If there are porn production companies going out of business because:

    a) their sales are way down dude to competining against similar content being given away for free

    b) their OWN content is getting stolen to moment it goes live and then given away for FREE

    then guess what? Less shoot dates for Miss Olson.

    Simple as that.

    Somebody has to fork up the $$$ to do these porn shoots, and if those people are going broke.. no new porn for you.

  18. And what about amateurs? true amateur is better porn than any commercial bullshit with fake tits, hugenormous cocks, no female orgasms and your fucking hideous money shots.

  19. I think Porn as we knew it 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, is dead. But, as with any disruptive technology, there are still opportunities.

    -Big Video Sites. For example, I love VideoBox. I can stream from it. I can download from it. I can search on thousands and thousands of scenes. The quality is good. This makes me willing to spend 20 bucks per month on it, because it makes it easy for me to find what I want — much like Hulu or Itunes. Certain people (pervs like me)will pay for ease of use, selection and high quality — though may not be as much as you would like.

    -Niche: With the Big Video Sites out there, along with the Tube sites, porn producers need to be better about going after niches. For instance, They produce creative, high-quality porn for a specific audience and seem to be doing very well. (No?) Plus, there is an opportunity for such niche sites and networks to work with the big video sites — I would certainly consider paying a bit more to get access to Kink’s videos on Videobox.

    -Live/Interaction: I think the commenter above raises a good point regarding money made from dancing. Today’s performers need to look at video as just one way for them to get in touch with (and secure money) from fans. From online chats, interaction, to dancing, I think there is a lot of residual income that can be produced by porn performers. It might require more work, but it is there.

    Internet video is a disruptive force.

  20. They are stealing the amateur content too.. they don’t care.

    They take whatever they want and don’t have to remove it unless someone sends them a DMCA takedown notice. Its insane.

    Anyone having their content stolen and posted for free are getting hurt.

    Anyone having content SIMILAR to theirs getting stolen and posted are getting hurt

    And anyone running any business in the current economy are already in pain.

    If you support illegal tubes, you support the death of an industry.

    Can’t happen you say? Take a look at General Motors

  21. You hit the nail on the head, Billy. And like most Americans, I see a few of the comments out here are in complete denial. We wrap ourselves in the flag of capitalism and free-market this & that and all the other bullshit, and we never stop and fucking think “Hey, is this shit really WORKING for us anymore?”
    We just take it for granted. It’s our system, so it must work. Right? Duh!
    I mean Jesus, it’s not the 1850’s anymore. Living off the land and “every man the master of his own destiny.” That ship has fucking sailed, dudes. The rich are getting richer, and the rest of us are left to self-medicate with booze, food, gambling, porn or video games.
    In today’s world, every one of us is connected. Think those 5,000 schmucks getting laid off near you won’t impact you down the line? Think again.
    Think some business saying “screw you” to its employees and yanking away their healthcare or 401k benefits won’t effect you down the line? Think again.
    Think the porn biz crashing won’t effect more than your pecker, somewhere down the line? Think again.
    Last days of Rome, fellas. We’re in em……

  22. I guess there are a couple of good points above, and as someone has already posted, porn has been an industry that has been blessed by not following the usual fall downs other industries have gone trough in the last 10 or more years, i guess now its the time, this time you guys are forced to face with the challenges other industries have faced in the past. Out of all the money porn people have made, and seeing what has happened to similar industries, it would have been a good idea to invest some of that money into finding new ways of making money and keeping the business alive, choosing new paths to take the business.
    Porn will never die, it will always exist, new content will be produced, maybe not as it is now but it will, it is a big challenge you face and i really wish you figure out a way to continue to make good money out of it, and i am sure you will, so keep up the good work.

    i apologize to all for my poor writing english is not my native language.

  23. I love the tubes. You get to save yr faves and watch them whenever you want. And as far as porn stars having fake tans and fake tits, I have no idea what yr talking about. I can literally name 200 girls who are currently working who fit neither description and who are hot as hell. It’s been a GREAT year for newbies, maybe the best ever. I the tubes fold I am going to cry. We are in a Golden Age, my friends.

  24. p.p.s. – great book –

    “Sooner or later, something fundamental in your business world will change.”

    “A strategic inflection point is a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change. That change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights. But it may just as likely signal the beginning of the end. Strategic inflection points can be caused by technological change but they are more than technological change. They can be caused by competitors but they are more than just competition. They are full-scale changes in the way business is conducted, so that simply adopting new technology or fighting the competition as you used to may be insufficient. They build up force so insidiously that you may have a hard time even putting a finger on what has changed, yet you know that something has. Let’s not mince words: A strategic inflection point can be deadly when unattended to. Companies that begin a decline as a result of its changes rarely recover their previous greatness. But strategic inflection points do not always lead to disaster. When the way business is being conducted changes, it creates opportunities for players who are adept at operating in the new way. This can apply to newcomers or to incumbents, for whom a strategic inflection point may mean an opportunity for a new period of growth.”

    “The fact that an automated teller machine could be built has changed banking. If interconnected inexpensive computers can be used in medical diagnosis and consulting, it may change medical care. The possibility that all entertainment content can be created, stored, transmitted and displayed in digital form may change the entire media industry. In short, strategic inflection points are about fundamental change in any business, technological or not. We live in an age in which the pace of technological change is pulsating ever faster, causing waves that spread outward toward all industries. This increased rate of change will have an impact on you, no matter what you do for a living. It will bring new competition from new ways of doing things, from corners that you don’t expect. It doesn’t matter where you live. Long distances used to be a moat that both insulated and isolated people from workers on the other side of the world. But every day, technology narrows that moat inch by inch. Every person in the world is on the verge of becoming both a coworker and a competitor to every one of us, much the same as our colleagues down the hall of the same office building are. Technological change is going to reach out and sooner or later change something fundamental in your business world.”

    – Andy Grove – “Only the Paranoid Survive”

  25. I spent 13 years in adult started doing the filming then moved to editing and filming and now to the website side of the business doing just about everything under the sun.

    Several years ago I was working for a distribution company we noticed a huge drop off in sales. We also noticed that girls from LA agencies did not sell as well as the amateur girl did. Then we noticed that our stores where buying less. After calling and asking many of them we where told that space on the shelf was an issue. That 500-1000 titles where being released in an average month. But the stores usually only had maybe 100 slots for new releases and some even fewer. So do the math Porn killed it’s self with over saturation of content first off.

    Second we killed our selves with ugly girls that in all honesty you can’t jack it too any more. Go on LA Direct or any other agency site. 90% of the girls look like broke down strippers that are all plastic. Next most of them look very run down. Well any girl that does 300 scenes in a year or so is going to be broken. Ever noticed the porn girls that have those vacant eyes like there on a drug high or off in space. No Bueno!!!!!!

    Then you have boobs that are so fake I swear that she got those fun bags at the swap meet from Hector the surgeon. They look nasty. I don’t mind fake boobs but not when they look gross and broke down.

    Third many of these companies never got on the website band wagon or if they did they where stupid and chopped up there movies and put them up. Hmmmm Stupid. Next they forgot the word EXCLUSIVE and sold the rights to their product to everyone. I have seen so many of those contacts for over seas. The people where stupid enough to sell to go knows who for a few hundred more dollars for internet rights too and replication rights to. Stupid again….

    I honesty could go on and on all night long. Really the biggest issue in adult is talent costs and talent getting over used. Exclusivity is not a word that most understand AKA affiliate programs are stupid, just another way to give it away. Lastly when the majority of an industry is not even high school let alone college grads its not surprising that this has happened. The guys with the educations ripped of the dummys and made millions and are not sitting on the yacht laughing all the way to the bank.

    Only the Solo women that run there own programs or with a group of friends will survive in my sincere estimation. Personality is a huge sales factor with out the real deal selling the stuff no dice.

    Johnnie Montecito — Live and learn my friends!

    PS if you want some help and advice I do consulting.

  26. BIlly i just wanna know is ginger lee the porn princess you might b speaking of? that looks like the picture so i think so.

  27. Billy. You have been my go to guy for porno blogging for years. I even sent you an e-mail years ago, and you answered it, on your site. I fucking love you man.

    That said, I’m not one of your consumers, I’m a bandwidth leach, I come here, and waste your time virtually, never buying, hardly even window shopping.

    You could not be more correct in your assertions, the industry is changing, has to change, to accommodate the shear volume of stolen material available to anyone who can use Google. It’s a shame you guys aren’t being paid, as someone who mostly consumes amateur content, I’m part of the problem. I know this.

    The problem is, for the porno industry, it seems, that something people used to have to be paid to do, is now something people will do because they are bored on a Friday night.

    I know something of your history Billy. I know that at one time you worked outside of the porno industry, in a intellectual position, no less. I say, you should write a book, or even go back to school, get your master’s, perhaps in English, and then go to Japan to teach middle schooler’s how to talk in their overlords language. I would suggest domestic teaching, but, you know, they just keep cutting schooling budgets out here in CA, they seem determined to make the next generation in CA no different from Alabama kids or something.

    The way I see it, either Porn will become a sort of ad-supported business, following the (as of yet, nonfunctional) business model of youtube, or it will just dry up entirely, recycling the older vids, like how PBS just shows old episodes of Mr Rodger’s, either way, you may wanna go out and try something else.

    I know you are set in your ways, but your wit and intelligence seems wasted in porn, you could be a great author, or a great teacher, as you are now a great porno director.

  28. sure you can blame the tubesites, but c’mon? how much free shit do porn companies give away in a week? 16 pictures for every set they shoot? 3-5 minutes for that same scene. you don’t even have to steal. find a site that aggregates that content and you’ve got enough jerk material for a while – and you know it’s a tap that keeps dripping. for someone who wants to drop a quick load, why would they even bother with a full scene – trying to find the good bits – some fucking moron from the company has already cut you the best 3-5 minutes and served it up. back in the old days you had to at least purchase something to get a stroke on, these days you’ve got enough legit freebies to empty your ball bag without stealing.

  29. The problem is keeping up with the technology and times (content). So a few years ago, “blacks on blondes” was taboo and the girls were high-priced. Now, it’s everywhere, not only that, there are amateurs willing to post for free. How long to pay $1000 for a girl and $100 per dick for a gb when the status quo is gaining fast?

    As for the overseas stuff, it’s not different than outsourcing information technology. A girl who will do xxx here for $1000 a shoot will be eclipsed by one in another country for a fraction of the price and still be available on the internet.

    So how do you differentiate yourself to remain competitive for what you do? Porn is an enormous business, it’s not going to stop, but it’s also not going to maintain the same pay and structure as technology advances. As one who has been in Info Tech for 20+ years, the joke has always been that if you want to see the cutting edge of computer science web services, look at porn.

    Although I wouldn’t want specifics, I would be curious to know (if you know) what a pay site generated at it’s peak (BoB, Spring Thomas, Katie Thomas, etc.)?

  30. I for one am glad to see chaos in the porn business! Sure I like free porn but I’ve also paid for it. Capitalist greed seems to fuck up everything good when left unchecked. Now that anybody can release a porn video, it takes the big money out of the equation for the Vivids and Wickeds. Don’t worry there will always be a need for the true artist of any porn movie and that is the director/editor. I love porn and the thing I like best is seeing a large variety of women in any setting getting fucked. I DONT CARE ABOUT PRODUCTION VALUES AS LONG AS THE SEX IS HOT.

  31. Porn I think is worth paying for and is shot good. Evil Angel (Jay Sin, Belladonna) and Jules Jordan Video.

  32. I don’t know why porn hasn’t gone the youtube model and started just showing free but getting money though advertisements. Given there’s only a few outlets for advertising such as sex products (I swear to God if I see one more fleshlight ad I’m going to throw all my flashlights away). Splice a damn commercial at the beginning. You just have to use an existing business model that works and take a chance. I bet there’s a few guys just sitting on content waiting for subscriptions when they could probably make more money in the long run signing a big contract with a foreign or domestic company to stick some ads in their site. Yes I’m positive you’ll never see “Today’s POV with Jayma Reed has been brought to you by Toyota.” However, I’m sure there’s a wealthy company out there who isn’t restricted by a porn taboo.
    But I guess the disruption comes from the influx of talent? I don’t know a damned thing about the porn industry but it seems like people are willing to do more for less. You wouldn’t have porn without variety, I don’t care how much money you spend on filming, watching the same old people is watching the same old people. Why isn’t there a porn network like HBO? I’m not talking that PPV Spice Channel crap but a dedicated porn channel? Think about how much people will pay for HBO every month and launch that. PPV porn is stupid expensive, for no good reason. Treat it like programming and less like pot. Why is porn like pot? Everybody does it, nobody admits to it, and there’s a premium placed on it. Unlike pot however, porn is readily available and its legal, so when you ask for the premium price you want get it especially with a product that has no shelf life and for all intents and purposes can be had for free. It’s not fair, I understand. Anybody can win an Oscar (Anna Paquin, have you seen how shitass “True Blood” is), but how many people can properly handle a 10-man gangbang? That person should be compensated properly. It seems like porn is commercialized but its not. Where porn is better than pot is that more people like porn as opposed to pot. There exists I believe a variety of porn that will get anybody a hard on. Be it softcore, hardcore, solo, mf, mmf, mff, mff, ffffff, mmmmf, mfmfmfm, 69, interracial, bj, hj, zj. The spectrum is endless. I guess the keyword is “organize”.

  33. Maybe if u didn’t overcharge for membership or DVDs themselves. And I actually like paying for quality, i dont like compressed streaming video and i like my extras-photo galleries, behind the scenes, interviews. MAYBE if you porn makers put some effort into the packaging, u know u guys dont.

  34. Probably the problem is related to a few factors: the economical crisis is still runnin’ high, many users’ suggestions aren’t always practised by many producers, and contents are usually limited on DVD releases by time/video quality. If companies were willing to release 2 or 3 DVD HQ porn sets (double layer discs aren’t that expensive, right) with sufficient amount of porn (similar amount to half the new content a website releases each month) then sales would go up, I think. But don’t listen to me, maybe I’m old fashioned. BTW, please shoot any Maria Bellucci for Blacksonblondes, that would be great!

  35. Stay ahead of the curve … what’s hot, what’s next? It’s not much different than any other media business is it? At one time, showing intercourse was cutting-edge, then it was more open, more partners, etc. Then black and white was taboo, became popular and now is mainstream while the “cuckold” line comes up … what’s next? The blacks on blondes needs to take a step up, the cuckold, the extreme, etc. Rarely does entertainment tone itself down … yes, there are laws, but this is an internet environment.

    If amateurs are the next hot thing, then go for that angle and help them rather than fight and be angry.

    But don’t try to stick with your feet in the ground and wonder why everything passed you by. If this is what you want to do, go with the flow. Otherwise, move on. Life’s too short.

  36. Free porn on the internet has always been around, since the very beginning. I remember browsing the web for the first time in 1995 and there was plenty of free content even back then. So I don’t understand what’s changed. Maybe there are just too many sites around now… too much competition.

  37. I’ve worked around porn since 1992.. where an interracial gang bang was taboo, cum swallowing wasn’t, cuckolds and bukkakes were never happening, asian porn was dead, Latin girls were never that mainstream etc the business has take a big hit recently as the whole world has with the economy, I’d say the business really took off around 1995-2006..

    IMO as a person whose seen porn up close in my shop why would a hard working person go into a porn shop and and pay for minutes sitting in a booth or spend $49.99 on a DVD? that was so 1970’s-2006.. now he can simply turn a tube channel on at home with privacy for FREE?…it’s not like the tube channels are just releasing all old material either, I’ve scanned them and seen plenty of new releases over the months… that sucks for business, gone are the midnight prowlers coming into watch a video, they’re at home jacking for free and BOB and other sites also download vids on those “tube” sites.. it;s called promotion

    The business has taken a hit, TBH it’s not a fantasy business either.. yes the actors can make good money for awhile but it comes with a price tag too, the girls do get burnt out, their smiles fade and reality is sleeping with all kind of men only takes their soul away, IMO these girls are a bit out there in the first place but you as the consumer don’t care, you’re just beating your meat to a false fantasy.. you see 5 black men fucking a little white girl and love it until that’s your mom or a “nigger” is fucking your sister

    It’s a whole new ball game now, when the internet first come to be i said that this would happen at my shop and places like BOB and others have made their money from what i said above, people wanting privacy but it’s also hurt the big picture too the small shops etc etc

    I use to have to clean the booths at my porno shop, losers coming in, flakes, dead beats, people ashamed to buy porno but back the next day for more.. excuses.. “oh my boss sent me here for..” LOL oh well and I’ve also had people steal VHS tapes, yes steal a porno tape back in the day.. what does that tell you?

    It should tell you that the porn business will always survive, the world will always have insecure little white boys with small dicks, dumb white girls who are complete whores for attention, blacks with big dicks who couldn’t get a job cleaning up dog shit.. like a “Wesley Pipes” woman who will sell their pussy for money and mostly the false fantasy that people think is reality

    I miss the old times when i owned my shop which is still running but i also don’t miss the headaches of the porn business

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