Amai Liu is Tiny Tabby is J’s latest POV gal.

Amai Liu Tiny Tabby
Mister POV has some competition, and his name is “J”.

But let’s talk about J. He scours neighborhoods for hours looking for Snow Bunnies. Snow Flakes. White girls.

Then, he approaches them with his rap: see, J collects porn. That’s not the first thing he says, but once he engages The Target, he lays it all out. It goes something like this. “I collect porno. I know it’s crazy. Do you watch porn?”

This is a typical, open-ended sales pitch. J was trained well. It doesn’t matter how the girl answers. If she says “no”, the J says something like, “Great! I know it’s weird, but I collect a very specific type of porn.”

If the girl says “yes”, then all the better. They talk about porn, and what kind of porn The Target likes. You’d be really surprised. Most like gang-bang or “orgy”porno. Some like girl-girl stuff. Some girls like interracial porn. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. If The Target says she’s into porn, it’s time for The Close.

“Well, the porn I like is the porn I’m in. I want to film you. Are you down?”

Almost always The Target says “No! What if my (fill in the blank) discovers it?”

The blank usually equals “boyfriend” or “family”.

J has an answer: “This won’t wind up on the internet. I keep it in my closet for a rainy day.”

There you have it. Of course it does wind up on the internet, although The Girl (no longer The Target now that the scene’s in the can).

I know what you’re thinking. J’s a piece of shit for misleading these girls. Well, no…of course not. But always remember this — after the deed is done, you’d be surprised what money can buy.

Here’s some Amai Liu interracial sex pictures. She’s so tiny J’s dick is as big as her arm, from elbow to hand. I shit you not. I can’t believe how much black dick this little chick took. She had no problem with it, either. J impaled her. It’s one of the hottest scenes I’ve seen in a long, long time. If you’re into little white chicks and big black dicks, welcome to Interracial Pickups!

Amai Liu Tiny Tabby

5 thoughts on “Amai Liu is Tiny Tabby is J’s latest POV gal.”

  1. Tiny girls don’t do anything for me, I’m afraid. You need to get more blondes – you’re in California, aren’t you? You have a site called blacksonblondes but half the girls (or more) are not blonde!

  2. “J’s a piece of shit for misleading these girls. Well, no…of course not.”

    interesting how in one instance you’re fine with dishonesty but in the other you whine about dishonest tubes ruining your business ..

  3. “She said ‘Do you ever thank God for making you so beautiful?’ ‘No,’ I answered her. ‘I curse him for making my dick so small.'” – Nikki Sixx

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