In Memorium: Lux Interior.

Lux Interior

Lux Interior of The Cramps has died. He was sixty.

I managed to catch the Cramps once, and it was at a show at The Devil House in Tempe, AZ, in the early ’90s — but it could been 1989.

In fact, I think it was.

God damnit the Cramps fucking rocked. I mean that show was insane. I dunno what was better — the Kid In The Wheelchair, or Lux spanking his ball sac whilst on the very top of one of the speaker towers whilst on all fours with his ass propped high in the air whilst wearing nothing but women’s underpants whilst simulating fellatio on his microphone.

I was very nervous for Kid In The Wheelchair cause all the punks held him (still in his chair) high about the crowd, passing him all around that pit. How long until he fell out of his chair?

I was very nervous for Lux, cause that speaker tower was way up there, and it was all wobbly and shit, and I was quite certain at any moment it was going to come crashing down into the very same pit where Kid In The Wheelchair was still being passed around (and still hoisted high) above everyone’s heads.

I was very nervous for Poison Ivy — Lux’s wife and his guitarist — because almost everyone in the front two rows were spitting on her, and she had to catch some sort of illness from all that nasty saliva and phlegm that ended up covering her from head to toe.

I wasn’t very nervous for their drummer, who I thought was Kid Congo Powers, but now I’m not so sure, but he was the dude who always wore that silly Silver Medal around his neck while he bashed away at his kit, and there was absolutely no need to worry about him.

Lux wore pants that were about the lowest cut a dude could get away with without his dick popping out.

Lux had one of the coolest names for a lead singer, ever.

Lux wore creepy white make-up a whole lot.

Lux wore women’s pumps a whole lot, too.

I bet Marilyn Mason wished he was Lux Interior more than once in his life…cause, let’s face it, whatever Marilyn pulled off Lux had already done by 1979.

Lux Interior — once in a lifetime, my friends.

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