Deep Thoughts, by Billy Watson.

Crazy amputee pic

This morning I jumped out of bed, tossed on a baseball cap, put on my fuzzy slippers, and walked to the coffee shop down the street from my house in my jammies for an iced coffee and a yummy muffin. Whilst standing there in my jammies I wondered — Does everyone in here think I’m The Crazy Dude?

I just bought a round trip ticket to France; I shall walk the streets of Paris in the Spring. This Spring. And practice my French, which shall be interesting, to say the least. My attempts to speak French as I roam those streets, that is…

I go to Prague in May, then there’s a strong possibility I’ll be in Hungary this fall. I’ve always said I would never make a dirty movie outside the Freedoms of my beloved country, but the idea of a Manojob European tour is starting to make me think otherwise; besides, there’s a Porno Agent in Budapest and god damn it her models are so fucking hot I simply can’t believe my eyes.

I didn’t care one bit about the Phoenix Cardinals and their trip to the Superbowl, even though that’s the city I still call home. Right before we got the Cards, Phoenix was hurting for football, and Bidwell knew it. We wanted a team so bad we took the Cards instead of waiting a few more years for a brand new expansion team. The result? Bidwell raised ticket costs something like 5X his first year in Phoenix, and, since then, we’ve had nothing but mediocre players coached by mediocre staff cause Bidwell is such a cheapskate. This year’s Cards weren’t any exception. They just got lucky.

Where the fuck did all the money go? I mean it’s somewhere, right? But the banks don’t have any, the governments are bankrupt, and everyone’s broke. It didn’t get burned up in some sort of bonfire at a Saturday night kegger…so where did it all go?

I’m pretty sure the pic I posted of the one-legged girl with the horse peeking out of a hole in the ground is Photoshopped. Not the leg, but the horse. But who knows. It just made me laugh really hard.

My old pal Jason Brown called me Saturday with a warning: LEAVE LOS ANGELES AT ONCE. I asked him why? “Billy, listen to me,” he said, now whispering. “Due to rampant identity thefts and check frauds, there’s going to be a riot around the half-time during the Superbowl. The electricity in LA will go out, and there will be riots and people will be killed. It will be on a massive scale. You have to get out of LA immediately.” I whispered back, “what happens if nothing happens?” He replied, “then you can call me an idiot.” But he didn’t whisper his reply.

The Phoenix Forum is April 2 – 5. I’ve blogged about it before, but one more time: it’s a conference for perverts like me who own adult websites, and over the course of 3 days we sit through seminars, talk shop, complain about how there’s too much free porn on the web, and sit around a pool and look at drunk porno girls who eventually take off their bikinis and run around like silly rabbits. They shut the hotel down to the general public, and it’s just pervs. I just scored a room! Why am I excited? Last year the rooms sold out in 12 minutes, and I didn’t get one. The Reservation Clerk just told me they’re gonna sell out this year in less than 10 minutes.

Now for a shameless porno plugs: this week at Blacks on Blondes Tatianna Kush gets DP’d by two massive black dongs; The Girl Formerly Known as Faye Valentine is now Faye Reagan and does a superb job blowing a dong at The Dick Suckers; Leenuh Rae sucks and fucks a big dong in a filthy public restroom that has a gloryhole drilled in the stall wall; and finally, newcummer Charlie Lynn jerks a dong at the World Famous Manojob.

That’s a lot of dongs.

With absolutely no dings.

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