Aurora Snow in the Interracial Sauna

Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow’s a porn star. A pretty big one, too.

A long time ago she made the trip up the hill to Dogfart’s Secret Mansion for a day of fun & black dick. I wasn’t there, so I really can’t tell you much about it. I mean the Aurora Snow interracial sex scene shot in one of the bedroom’s saunas at The Mansion turned out very, very hot. That’s all I can say.

I remember being at the Producer’s house after they shot Aurora, but before I started working for him – and I was going through his (already) growing stack of 2257 info.

2257: it’s the Federal Law that mandates adult content producers keep paperwork on anyone who does anything dirty in a movie. It proves everyone appearing in that movie are of legal age, which, for the U.S., is 18. They’re kinda cool to thumb through, cause you see everyone’s real name, real ID’s, where they live…the whole she-bang. And not being in the business makes 2257 paperwork even more fascinating than it already is…so, needless to say, I was really flipping through those papers that day, snooping out everything I could: the best part being the girls’ real names.

“Holy shit! You guys shot Aurora Snow! I just saw her on something, somewhere!”

It’s true, I had…almost 4 years ago, and back then, Aurora was the new kid on the block. I had seen her, and now I was really seeing her…her true identity, that is. It kinda blew me away, to tell you the truth. It makes these girls real; I guess that’s the best way to put it.

A few months later I was at The Mansion, just starting to shoot, and everything was still fascinating. I’d meet the girls at the door, and walk them up to the bathroom, and get the something to drink…you know, just basically kiss ass. And that was good, cause S.S. and Justin Timberlakefeelsyourpain were already over it.

All of it.

Like I am, now.

Anyway, Aurora’s gone on to do some pretty big things – directing for a huge company just being one of them. She hasn’t been bookable for quite sometime…until just recently. My pal Joel runs an agency, and sure enough, Aurora showed up on his site. And I was over at Joel’s when Aurora came strolling in, and it’s funny…but I was kinda starstruck. Like in the old days. Aurora was one of the last girls I wanked to before getting into this silly biz (the other being Kacey), and here she was now, in front of me, and I felt like I did at that door at The Mansion three years ago.

Funny how things change.

Joel introduced us, and we chatted it up a bit, and she looks great, even though she’s not 18 anymore. (Imagine being in a business where 24 is kinda over the hill.)

I said something like “maybe we can work together sometime” and she said “yea, sure!” and that’s that. She walked away, and I sat back down with Joel, and we went over some more girls that I could book in the future for the sites I shoot. In an instant, it was back to business with Joel again.

Funny how things change.

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