Devon Lee, Missy Monroe, James Franco, and Cherry Poppens

Devon Lee

Interesting things seem to happen to me more in L.A. more than Phoenix, and I suppose that’s a good thing. Here’s a quick list of the fun adventure that was today:

1) Devon Lee shows up for her Blacks on Blondes scene, but first, we take the white van out the the Gloryhole. The Gloryhole was totally non-eventful, if you can ever call sucking a stranger’s dick in an adult bookstore a “non-event”.

2) The Blacks on Blondes scene after was more of an event: Joachim, the European porno bro, is in the U.S., so I booked him. Joachim is a strong performer, but you can’t really rely on him much for dialogue…that is, any dialogue in English. He’s getting a massage from Devon, and she flips him over right away for the happy ending kind of massage you get in those Jack Shacks; however, Joachim decides to fuck her as a few brothers stroll in to the scene. All three brothers drop a load on her face before Joachim finishes all over her BA-gina.

3) Missy Monroe strolls in a few minutes after we wrap. She’s bad to the bone. She simply exudes sexuality, even if it’s just in a pair of sweats and the wife beater she showed up wearing. We meet. I tell her I saw her at AVN’s in Vegas and wanted to say introduce myself, but there were about a million fans surrounding her, and that’s just not the place/time to do such a thing. Then we jump in the van and go back out to the gloryhole.

4) I decide I like the massage therapist scenario so much I do it again, but this time Missy “double books” two black guys, just so she can get her pussy double-stuffed with black dick. You read right: double vag…with black guys. Not that double vag with white guys is any easier, but it just sounds better when black dick’s involved, you know?

5) Cherry Poppens has been my PA lately. She’s also one of the latest Mano Job updates. But she wants to wind down from the porno scene, so I’m training her on 2257 stuff, and loading cameras, and meeting/greeting talent, and, from time to time, I even let her shoot scenes for my gay site: No Way Am I Gay. So this black dude’s there to shoot, and he’s a pretty small dude with a giant black ding-dong. Problem is, he can’t make it squirt, so we had to work around that problem…which is a pretty big problem to work around. But we managed.

6) We head out for dinner – me and Cherry – and I listen to her tales of adolescent misadventure. They’re pretty amazing, like most porno girls’ tales are, and after dinner we’re walking down the street when I see this dude who’s so handsome it’s ridiculous. He’s the kind of handsome even a straight dude like me realizes and thinks something like shit, that dude has no problem getting laid. He’s the kind of handsome that deserves a good industrial accident. So I point him out to Cherry and say something like, “we need to book him for No Way Am I Gay. He’d be good I bet.” I say it loud, so he can hear it, just to be goofy, and that’s when Cherry freezes in her tracks, squeezes my arm really hard, and bites her lip. Then she starts walking real fast, and pulls me along, as whispers in my ear, “Shit, do you know who that is?” I don’t, and she tells me, and she brings up the Spiderman movies, and I’m like “oh yea, I know” and that’s that, I guess…

But I knew it: he’d be good business for my site.

Missy Monroe

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