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Justin writes:

How did you become what you are today? I am sure that you didn’t put “Future Pornographer” in your Senior Yearbook, and I don’t think there’s a “Filming Broads Fucking 101” course in college (but wouldn’t it be super if there was?) So how did you become super pornographer? And where can I sign up? Porn has always been something that interests me, not just for the sexual aspects but for the psychological aspects well. I am too shy (and not in shape) to get in front of the camera, but I would love to direct. How do you get into shooting these scenes? Is it difficult? Is it the same as shooting a regular movie? This just seems like something real interesting to me, if you could give me any information I would greatly appreciate it. I love your site man, keep it up.

Hi Justin!

Let me tell you who I am: an ex-jock flop turned car salesman, bar room bouncer, construction laborer, substitute teacher, “real” teacher, stocks and bond salesman, jewlery cleaner salesman, adjunct professor, used bookstore manager, human resource manager – with an undergraduate degree and a couple master’s degrees to boot.

Big whoop.

I’m certainly not a “super-pornographer”, nor do I aspire to be one. I don’t think many people aspire to a career in the adult entertainment field; it just happens. Although if you asked some of the kids I hung out with in high school, some of them might have pegged me as a porno director.

Well, probably not.

I was told, about three years ago, that “due to a lack of diverisification in the hiring pool” the highly-competitive job I was in the running for was no longer being offered. Do I need to tell you I was one of those three? Or the other two left in their “hiring pool” were white folks? This was after spending 3 years at the place, killing my superiors with my awesome skills (both in computer hacking and nunchucks), as well as scoring super high in all my evaluations. 400 people applied for that job; I was one the last of the Mohicans…and in the end, they killed us all.

Actually, looking back at it now, too bad I’m not a Mohican. I would have had the job.

Meanwhile, my porno pals were raking in large sums of money every month, so I went to them after I cleaned out my desk. One of them gave me a shot.

So here I am, almost 4 years later, still in the middle of the muck, working my way from rags to riches. Well, not really riches. Not yet, certainly. And as far as qualifications in this business – like everything else in life – it’s not what you know, but who you know. (My aplogies for the cliche). Shit, I certainly didn’t know much to start with…except I liked watching people fuck on camera. But it wasn’t like I was one of those dudes with a zillion mags hidden under my bed or anything; I just rented a movie or two every once in a while when I was feeling a bit anxious, you know? Anyways, the first year my job was interesting and fun; the second year it was interesting; the third year has been neither interesting nor much fun.

Kinda like law school, I suppose.

And thanks for the kind words. It’s e-mail like yours that make me smile each and every day. So march on, Christian Soldiers!

Your pal – Billy.

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