Happy Birthday, Sativa Rose! Eat Some Ass; Then, Wax A Carrot.

Sativa's on Eat Some Ass

My partner J loves Sativa Rose. I love Sativa Rose. Everyone loves a hot, naughty Latina girl, right?

I don’t recall where I came across Sativa, but it was a dirty website somewhere, and I think what struck me most are her lips. They look like the kind of lips those ladies who get silicone injected into the lips what to achieve, but can’t; so, they end up looking like a goldfish. Since Sativa’s are real, she doesn’t look like a fish in a bowl, and I bet if it was medically possible, someone would offer Sativa a giant amount of money to buy her lips. Probably her tits, too.

Just look at them. Lips and boobies, I mean.

I booked the Sativa Rose Eat Some Ass scene as well as the Sativa Rose ManoJob scene on the same day, which happened to be her birthday, although she didn’t allow me to mention that while the camera rolled. I’m not sure why she didn’t let me say it, but I respected her decision, mainly cause that’s the kind of guy I am, and she was really adament. I asked more than once, and there was no second-thinking it for her – definately do not mention the birthday.

Oh well. I was just gonna add it to my dumb cheesy porno scenario, like…Happy Birthday Sativa! Here’s a bunghole for you to chow down! Goes nicely with cake! She probably knew what my dumb agenda was, hence her decision.

Did I mention how incredibly nice Sativa Rose is? Or how she’s one of the few girls that kinda intimidated me before the handjob scene? Kinda weird, huh? That she kinda intimidated me, I mean…weird in a funny sort of way. Anways, here’s some Sativa Rose handjob movies for your viewing pleasure. (Note how I worded that. “Sativa Rose handjob movies”. See, when some pervy creep types this phrase into Google, they’ll likely stumble upon my blog, and that’s how I get people to read this…and, hopefully, join some of the sites I pimp here).

Anyway, by the end of our time together, Sativa was kinda rushing me to wrap and get her paperwork to her, so she could get to her friends, and her birthday party. In Porno Land it’s a bad thing to rush the producer, unless it’s your birthday and you’re as sweet and kind as Sativa Rose; then, it’s perfectly fine.

Sativa Jerks One Out

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