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Spring Thomas

It’s not too often Spring Thomas takes a bad picture.

Really, it’s not. I’ve shot her more than any model I’ve worked with – over three years now on a consistent basis – and in addition, I prep each and every one of her scenes for her site, so I get to go through all sorts of pics and videos, deleting the bad, keeping the good.

Every once in a while the strobes catch a model in between poses, moving to another position, and invariably catching a facial expression that couldn’t be duplicated even if you showed the model the pic and asked her to do it again. This is one of those pictures.

This one’s so bad it’s funny. Looking at it, she appears to be high, horribly depressed, retarded, or a combination of the three. Of course she’s none of the above, and that’s why it’s so funny.

I just hope she thinks it’s funny.

I have no idea where I’m going with this. Spring’s a tough subject for me to write about, so I think I’ll just show off some new movies on her site and talk about them.

Spring Thomas and Max Black: There’s a cat named Max Black, and he’s packing about 12 inches, and he’s a funny guy, and Spring likes working with him. I found a cuckold, and Spring taunted him a bit, like always, while Max pounded the living shit out of her. In fact, now that I’m looking at this, I remember them really fucking hard, and Spring said something, or did something, and Max went harder, which made Spring scratch him, and Max was like “gimme more bitch,” so Spring did. At the end of the scene, he was red, the scratches swollen, and it made for an excellent scene.

Spring Thomas and Wesley Pipes and Byron Long: I was poking around the archives, and I found a scene that was kinda old. Over a year old, maybe more. In fact, it was so old I forgot it even existed. Wes and Byron tag team Spring, and I think Wes drops a load on her asshole, and Byron creampies her. Pure filth.

Spring Thomas and Candy Rocks: Candy’s this new girl, and she wants her own site, so she approached The Producer, and he said she could have her own site IF she could hang in a ST scene. I got on my cell and got a gang of brothers to grope and fondle Candy while Pumper pounded Spring. I blogged this all before, but here’s the movies showing it all…finally.

Spring Thomas and Dick James: Dick’s a new cat in the game with a 10 inch dick and a cool porno name. Enough said.

Spring Thomas and 12 Gauge: 12 Gauge is a new cat in the game with a 9 inch dick and a ridiculous porno name. Enough said.

Spring Thomas and Boz and Kinzy Jo: Kinzy Jo’s this new whore in the game, and while she’s good to look at, she’s not too sure how to get fucked on camera, but that’s OK, cause one of the endearing qualities of a new whore is the fact they don’t know how to get fucked on film. It’s a special time in a porno girl’s career, cause once they learn how to fuck on film, they lose that quality forever. Oh, I guess Boz has a new site with Shane Diesel, and that’s cool, cause I really like them both, and I wish them the best with it…too bad I can’t hire them anmore.

And finally, a nice picture of the beautiful Miss Spring Thomas, in a lame attempt to make up for the first one. Oh, and if you’re thinking about it, you should really join her site. Like I said – if you’re thinking about it. I don’t think I’ve ever plugged a site like I am now, but there’s almost 30 pages of insane, crazy, perverted, interracial sex on it, and honestly, it amazes me. If someone woulda told me 3 years ago we’d get to this point with it, I’d have laughed. But we’re still having fun, and it’s still good, so we’re still at it.

For me, it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

Spring Thomas

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