Super fun e-mails.

The Cuckold

K Konar writes:

In response to the cuckold ad

Im 27m from wisconsin, and if i can get to where your at (CA?) I am game for the following…..

I love the idea of eating a girl out after a guy cums in her pussy or ass…I also would love to kiss a girl with a mouth ful of cum, and i would lick it off her body…out of a glass or spoon even. I have a cum fetish i think, but i need to be dominated/controlled/humiliated to do this i think. Im probably bi-curious cause i also like to use toys to fuck my ass… I would love to have a girl pound my ass (and fuck me like a girl) with a strapon…

This is something i think would be great on film…. can you help me fufill this fantasy of mine and fuck me like a girl… and fill my mouth with hott cum too 😉 Wanna see my pics?

Hey K!

You pathetic, worthless, piece of shit. You wanna eat Spring Thomas’s dirty pussy after some well-endowed negro fucks it loose?

Well my friend, you’re not alone. In fact, Spring got an e-mail recently of a $10,000 offer to do such a vile and disgusting act, although we’re not sure how real the offer was.

A few years ago, these types of cuckold e-mails kinda grossed me out; then, maybe a year later, made me giggle…now, I’m seriously thinking of starting this type of site. I mean I’m shocked at how many sissy boy faggots like you are out there. Which isn’t a put down. I hope it doesn’t sound like one. Anyway, if you get to Los Angeles, I have work for you.


Your pal, Billy.

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