Eat Some Ass. Toss a Salad. Rim Jobs.

Eat Some Ass

Speaking of starting new websites, Eat Some Ass just went live yesterday!

My partners in the Spunk Enterprise (J. and B.) and I met for long, long hours in our secret board room, and working from multiple ideas generated from marketing plans we paid top professors working at various Ivy League Graduate Schools to generate, Eat Some Ass was born.

In fact my partner B. went to a very prestigious art school and is quite a master. He’s been a part of group shows, had solo shows, and even made a living (for a while) making art. With all his artistic might he created what I think is the finest web graphic for a dirty site ever created. That’s right, a mighty big statement. There it is, to your left.

(Note the slobbery tounge and the quivering assholes.)

Remember, the niche thingy I talked about the day before yesterday? When I talked about the birth of Manojob? We didn’t want to take any chances with a new concept, so we brought in some professionals…and after paying tens of thousands of dollars consulting some of today’s top think tanks, we came to a conclusion: eating ass is a nasty, filthy thing. And pervy pervs surfing the internet drunk at 2 am after an unsuccessful evening of schmoozing potenital suitors over drinks at the local watering hole, angry angry men, home alone, beating their meat, love to watch girls do nasty, filthy things. Mainly cause they’re angry.

One group at a think tank told us they get pissed cause maybe that night the chick only put out a phone number, or maybe didn’t even put that out. They’re pissed cause their roomate’s getting laid, they’re pissed cause they got the chick home and she wouldn’t put out, and after multiple requests for her to do so, she put 1/2 her clothes back on and left. They’re pissed cause instead of fucking a girl they’re fucking a fist full of warm creamy lotion. And when dudes get angry they are more likely to grab a towel, wipe off their hands, and pull their credit card out in order to watch The Enemy do awful, gnarly things…and finish the task at hand.

And tossing a dude’s salad is pretty gnarly.

I’ve dated two girls who have indeed tossed mine. I’ll admit right now it’s kinda tickley and funny and naughty all at the same time. And I’ll admit the experience was heightened a bit knowing my gal was committing an act the church frowned upon.

An old friend of mine, GW, loved getting his salad tossed so much it was one of his prerequisites for dating a girl.

Is there something kinda gay about it? I mean it’s weird, cause getting into the cannonball position, or going doggystyle so your chick can lick your dumper is somewhat gay in a sense. I would never go doggy to have my salad tossed; however, I did get in the cannonball position.

But no way am I gay.

Anways, we’ve got a stellar lineup of talent for the site: we got Deja Dare to tickle a brown star with her tounge; we got now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t Tricia Davis to lick a bunger; my lovely friend Sophia ate some ass; Sophie Dee munched some butt; Sahara Knite frenched a sphinctor; Angela Stone chowed down on a keester, and she got so worked up she made her pussy squirt mulitple times; Lyla Lei dined on a rear end.

Um, get the picture?

If not, Cherry Poppens mouthed a shitter.

So now you do have it. Or, it is what it is.

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