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Chelci Fox
J. writes:

I’m new to your blog but it’s definitely the most candid blog I’ve read on porn. I like your NO bullshit style about the business and the fact that you shoot porn but you can critique it honestly is amazing. Porn isn’t at all glamour and glitz as it is trying to portray. I like the bit on Eon Mckai too. Have you seen his Myspace yet? He think’s he’s so hip and artistic. I agree with you 100% a lot of porn directors think they are artists or the next Spielberg when it’s simply all just smut. Gregory Dark is embarrassed of his porn past since he’s made it mainstream. The stuff you said about Jenna is true too. All her new stuff is crap. I read the bit you wrote on Austin O’Reilly and I wanted to ask you what did you mean when you said that if you spend too much time in porn you are doomed? Aren’t most of the girls happy they are getting paid a lot of money for doing what they love to do? Thanks, J.

Hi J!

Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

I have not seen Eon Mckai’s myspace; I have no interest in him or his space. I still stand by the stuff I said about him and Jenna Jameson, too.

It is all about the smut man, nothing else…I couldn’t agree with you more. No acting, no arty-farty stuff…just show me the action.

As far as being doomed, it’s exactly what I meant. Sure, these girls love getting paid. Who doesn’t? But for the most part, it ends there. And remember, J., this is, overall, a fairly nasty business, filled with fairly nasty people. In addition, society can be mighty tough, too. In fact, downright hateful. And it’s the haters who publically bash and privately consume the most porn, which is another one of life’s oxymorons.

I guess what I’m trying to say is a life in the adult entertainment business isn’t the best thing for a person sometimes…that’s it.

Especially if you’re female talent. For the most part, the female talent ended up in this business cause they were bashed as youngesters – both mentally and physcially – and then when they hit Porno Land, thinking they’re going to be the next Jenna, they get bashed again. Then, when they bail from Porno Land, the get bashed again…this time by the knuckleheads, simpletons, and dolts in their hometown.

Oh sure, there’s some who are cut out for such a thing, just like there’s people cut out to thrive in the penny stock business, or the car sales business, or the business of selling teeny-tiny ads in newspapers all over the coutry, generating tens of thousands in one’s spare time.

Hope this helps, J…and enjoy the pictures of Chelci Fox. She’s one of the 99% that entered the hardcore business, then quit almost immediately; however, she’s still doing softcore work. I was lucky enough to shoot her for a Spunkmouth movie for the week and a half she was still doing hardcore work. (Soon, she will have her own softcore site! Keep an eye out!!!)

Your pal, Billy

Chelci Fox

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