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Interview with a Porn Star (#29) — Miss Wolfe

Miss Wolfe Sex In The Capitol

I’m sitting at a cafe in Paris thinking of stuff to blog about when I see Miss Wolfe log on to Yahoo! chat. It hit me then — interview her. And why not? Her blog, Love in the Capitol, is a fun read; even more fun are her IM chats with me…oh, things like chatting to me that there’s a “hot” guy sitting near her at the library while she’s studying, and the next thing I know she goes and blows him. Right there. In her lonely corner of the University library. Things like that.

So, on a nice Parisian afternoon, while sitting in the middle of a cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower and sipping on my latte, I conducted this international IM chat interview via Yahoo Messenger.

Fun, huh?

I Shoot Porn: You’re the first girl I’ve interviewed that isn’t a porn star. How does that make you feel?

Miss Wolfe: i don’t know. i guess its good because it shows the men out there that there are girls who love sex just as much as they do and they don’t have to turn to a movie to see it. i do love all the readers i gained from my first interview.

ISP: Well, it wasn’t really an interview…more like a IM log. But no biggie. Let’s talk about your blog. What made you want to publish your slutty stories to the world?

MW: I have always kept a journal. I started the blog for myself because i got sick of writing and buying those blank books. i didn’t think anyone would read my blog at first because there are so many sex blogs. when i blog about my sex life it is more for myself than my readers. i use it to look at myself. somehow, it helps me see who i am, a form of self discovery.

ISP: Sounds like me and the impetus to my blog. So what’s your damage? The only reason I ask this is society can’t handle The Slut yet. Society wants to blame your slutty ways on Dope, or your Daddy banging you when Mommy wasn’t around. Maybe you’re adopted?

MW: i know that is so cliché. the girl that likes sex must be damaged in some way. there is no damage here. i honestly just like to have sex. I come from a loving caring home. my parents didn’t screw me up.

ISP: then let’s talk about Frat Houses and BJ Trains.

MW: what can i say, i was at a party and had more than a couple drinks. I was 17 at the time. i was really turned on by this one guy and not wanting to have sex. he was pushing and i wasn’t at the sex point. I offered him a blow job. you know men, he took me up on the offer. to make this somewhat short, i was blowing him and his friend walked in the room. he watched and at the end he was looking like he wanted one. so i blew the friend. a couple guys showed up and i just kept going.

ISP: what was the final tally?

MW: 7 or 8 guys.

ISP: To me, that’s way hotter than a Blacks On Blondes scene or a Manojob. Cause it’s real. That’s why I dig you so much. No one had to pay your “rate” for that.

MW: like i said before, i just like sex and sexual things. i get a lot of shit because of it from women. i just prefer to think of it as being like a man when it comes to sex. why should they be able to be sexually free without being an outcast

ISP: Well, you can thank The Church for that. Are you religious?

MW: religious no. i believe in god, i think churches are bad for religion. they set up dumb rules and take peoples money. i believe if i treat people with respect and kindness i will end up in heaven.

ISP: Amen sister. Are you bi?

MW: i don’t consider it bi, but i have been with women.

ISP: Please, elaborate. Give my readers something to jack to…

MW: i don’t think i could go into jacking material in a short format. i will say that i think girls look and feel great. i love the curves. i have been in mff and fff threesomes. i have been interested in girls just as long as men but i am mostly a man lover. i promise i will post something this week about a girl girl experience on my blog. i always had fun at sleep overs…i had a couple friends when i would stay at their house or them at mine, we would explore each other. i taught a couple how to masturbate.

ISP: Wait a sec. Please please please elaborate on that last sentence. “i taught a couple how to masturbate.”

MW: well, i learned relatively young how to masturbate from the lovely ginger lynn, she is my sexual hero. when i started to do it, i was curious if other girls were doing that sort of thing. i asked a couple of my friends and they said no. they were curious, so i showed a couple. at a sleep over, i would sit there in front of them and masturbate to show them what i did.

ISP: Would they follow your lesson?

MW: duh, yes they did.

ISP: what age we talking here?

MW: 14, 15.

ISP: I want you to know I now have a boner in the middle of this Parisian cafe.

MW: that reminds me of a story…of jacking a guy off in a restaurant: i was 16 the first time i did it. he was teasing me throughout the dinner by rubbing my thigh. i thought it was completely unfair that i was sitting there with soaking panties. i reached over and pulled his cock out of his pants. i started to stroke him under the table. i think he was overexcited because he shot his load in like a minute. no one said anything but the next person that sat at the seat had a table cloth with cum on it

ISP: OK, we have to stop the dirty talk or I’ll blow a load on the nice lady next to me sipping on her Latte. How did you get to be such a smarty-pants at school?

MW: i blame my parents. they are both PhD’s and always encouraged my brothers and myself to ask questions. they passed on their thirst for knowledge.

ISP: Who do you blame on your thirst for jizz?

MW: i only blame myself. i read a study that women can become addicted to the mood elevating effects of cum. the only problem is where do i go for a cum addiction? i don’t think there is a cum addiction anonymous group.

ISP: Oh yes there is…didn’t I tell you? It’s at my studio in Los Angeles, and I’ll be your counselor to get you through your terrible crisis.

Miss Wolfe Sex In The Capitol

Introducing Miss Wolfe

Miss Wolfe

So I walk into the door after my trip home from LA. I was beat — really beat — mainly cause I just shot my ass off for the last 2 weeks, and my taxes are due, and I’m nowhere done with them, and my plane was diverted from Phoenix to Tucson due to micro bursts. (I think “micro bursts” are kinda like wind shears…and they can bring down a plane easily). Anways, I set up my laptop and almost immediately get an onslaught of IM’s. Most are from friends, but there’s one I don’t know…and I think, right away, it’s a fan.

That’s right…I have fans.

This, of course, never ceases to amaze me. I’m not trying to be cool, or coy, or anything but incredulous. I’m a porno director/cameraman/casting agent/whatever…so what. Don’t think too much of me.

Or, as Jack Kerouac once said, you should idolize your father.

But why is it almost all my fans are dudes? Well, OK…that’s a no-brainer. And they eventually ask me the same thing: How can I get involved? So when I saw this IM, I just kinda rolled my eyes and was nice.

I was tired, and sleepy, and wanted nothing more than to spend some time with Maggie and my record player. But I talked to “him”. And please note — I’ll interject freely here as I deem necessary.

Session Start (billywatson3:capitolsxaddict): Mon Apr 16 21:15:22 2007

capitolsxaddict: i came across your blog from barbie cummings. i love your latest interveiw

billywatson3: ah thanks!

capitolsxaddict: i love your work

billywatson3: thanks man! i really appreciate that!!!

capitolsxaddict: lol, it’s miss but its all good how are you doing today?

OK — I told you I’m tired, right? So I completely overlooked the “it’s miss” part.

billywatson3: busy busy can’t really talk long…just home from LA

capitolsxaddict: lol, sounds rough — don’t let me keep you

billywatson3: lol – keep in touch!

Um, yea…right. Keep in touch. Not to be a dick, but I’m a dick sometimes, you know? At least I’m a nice dick.

capitolsxaddict: want a pic

billywatson3: of?

capitolsxaddict: me

billywatson3: clothed? lol

capitolsxaddict: yes thats all i have at the moment

billywatson3: lol then sure

You see all the “lol’s” here…well, I’m being nice. And rolling my eyes. Cause what I was expecting was a “dick pic”, cause, mainly, I get zillions of them from wanna-be male talent. I almost put “capitolsxaddict” on my ignore list, but I did that to a fan the other day, after repeated requests of do you wanna see my dick do you wanna see my dick over and over…and, to be honest with you, I felt bad. So I humored this “dude” until I opened those pics and saw her following IM:

capitolsxaddict: i’m in the yellow

Fuckin-A you’re in the yellow. This ain’t a dick pic! This ain’t a dude!! Is this too good to be true? Then I remember what Barbie Cummings told me on the phone just the other day…about the nympho in DC that’s a “bigger slut” than Barbie. According to Barbie, the DC Slut had a circle jerk over her body after a game of strip poker. And, again, according to Barbie, this girl is “hot”.

“How do you know she’s hot, Barbie?”

“She sent me some pics. Billy, she’s way hot. She wants to get into porn maybe, too.”

I think I’ll shut up and let you read the rest of the IM log:

billywatson3: are you in DC?

capitolsxaddict: school in dc now

billywatson3: BARBIE TOLD ME ABOUT YOU!!!! You LOVE sex!!

capitolsxaddict: shes absolutely right

billywatson3: didn’t you have a circle jerk over your bod?? LOL

capitolsxaddict: yes, how did you know that

billywatson3: she told me!! how many guys jerked over you?

capitolsxaddict: five. they all shot their load on me. i had it on my face, chest, stomach and hands. i was a mess but i loved it. i lost the bet so i had to pay up

billywatson3: what was the bet?

capitolsxaddict: well i wanted to see a couple of the guys cocks because i thought they were fucking gorgeous. so i was drunk and we were playing strip poker. i was down to nothing and i still didn’t get to see their cock. so i made a bet that if i won the next hand they all had to get naked. they they said if i had the worst hand i had to masturbate in front of them. of course, i ended up with the worst hand

billywatson3: of course!

capitolsxaddict: most of my exploits are on my blog. i am writing about my first older guy right now

billywatson3: ok, where do i want to start on your blog?

capitolsxaddict: anywhere is good. its all random stuff. i am told my spring break stuff is good

Well, what can I do now except see if she *really* wants to come to LA and do porn, like Barbie said earlier.

billywatson3: would you do black guys?

capitolsxaddict: i love black guys, a regular part of my sex life. usually a thicker dick, makes it so much better, i love looking down and seeing the contrast of my white skin with the dark cock going in me. not to mention i have always gotten off with a black guy

Well, there you have it. I’m half-way there.

billywatson3: Barbie totally got off with her black guy the other night…did she tell you?

capitolsxaddict: i read the blog. very hott

billywatson3: cause if you’re REALLY interested, I can fly you out to LA for BlacksOnBlondes.

capitolsxaddict: thanks sweetie, i will link yours to mine when i get the chance. i hope you enjoy the reading. and i don’t know about the black and blonde porn since i’m not blonde

billywatson3: oh trust me i’d LOVE to have you…being blonde isn’t a requirement

capitolsxaddict: ok. i totally want to eat barbie after a guy fucks her

billywatson3: that can be arranged. and you’ll be paid very well

capitolsxaddict: even if i was getting fucked while it happened i wouldn’t care. i just want to eat her

billywatson3: dude you remind me of Jayma Reed

capitolsxaddict: is that good/

billywatson3: can i blog this right now? i mean our convo and the pics you sent me?

capitolsxaddict: can you block out the face for now. i have a lean body, so my pussy is a little tight naturally so i like to really feel a cock in me

billywatson3: i might just blog this IM log. LOL. edit it and shit…with your pic, blanked out, and a link to your blog?

capitolsxaddict: i would appreciate it. i love hearing from fans

billywatson3: done deal. i’m making it Wed’s blog…

capitolsxaddict: do you want a bikini shot of me?

Of course I would, my love…of course I would.

At first, I was gonna call this blog “My IM from Miss Wolf”…but somehow, someway, I think there’s gonna be some more of Miss Wolfe in the not-so-faraway future…

And just think…I was about to put her on “ignore” forever.

Miss Wolfe