Aralyn Barra and The Gloryhole

Aralyn Barra

Aralyn Barra is a slut for black men.

She’s a black cock whore. She’s BCS. Aralyn was a Spring Thomas fan before she broke into the porno biz, and one of the first dirty movies she wanted to make was with Spring…the both of them worshiping black dicks.

That hasn’t gone down yet, but one things for sure, when you see some of the free gloryhole movies featuring Miss Barra, you’ll know what I mean.

Total BCS.

When I booked Aralyn for our trip to the top secret gloryhole, I had no idea how much she’d be into sucking an anonymous dick. She told me things like it’s one of my secret fantasies, Billy, sucking off a total stranger who I don’t know and will never know! She also said things like, do you think a dick will even pop through the hole? and will we get in trouble if we’re caught?

It’s funny, but most of the girls I book for are really into making a fantasy turn into reality. Most are porn stars, but few have ever stepped into “The Hole”, and trust me, when I say they’re into it…they’re into it.

Aralyn asked me if a dick would pop through the hole, cause there’s times (a lot of times, actually), when there’s no one man enough to step into the hole to make it happen. Or, there’s no one in the booth next to us watching dirty movies. On days like that we wait around as long as we can, then get bummed out if we have to leave without getting our weekly update.

But that’s OK, cause it always seems that the next time we make a trip to The Hole, someone’s on the other side.

Someone Big and Black.

Time to digress: once I dragged an amateur girl and her cuckold hubby out to a hole, cause all hubby ever wanted to do was watch his gal blow a big black ween.

Time to get back to our story: we get to the Adult Book Shoppe (as in old school, medieval “shoppe”) and we’re in luck. About 5 minutes into watching the dirty flick they were playing on our $5.00 per half hour room, we’re heard a knock on the wall. Aralyn’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas morn’. Sure enough, there was a black guy on the other side, and Aralyn let out one of those shudders of excitement you only hear when a girl’s really turned out.

She dropped to her knees and serviced that black dick.

Then, something wonderful happened. Aralyn Barra looked up at me and said, “I want this dick in my ass!”

I was speechless. “Dr. Drew wouldn’t really like that sort of thing,” I said.

She stood up, turned around, and backed her ass right up to that wall. Maybe that’s why her scene is one of the favorites among the members.

I’m quite sure it has nothing to do with me.

When it was all said and done, I grabbed my trusty back pack, loaded up our concealed cameras, handed Aralyn a few baby wipes (no porn set is ever complete without them) and we walked out of the book shoppe.

Like we owned the place.

Cause really, for that half hour…we did.

Aralyn Barra

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