An Interview with Natalia Queen

Natalia Queen
Natalia Queen on a set!

Natalia West. Blonde. Barely-legal. And awesome to work with.

Natalia swung by this summer to work for ManoJob.

Feen For The Queen.

I grabbed my camera as Natalia was creating content on her phone for her Snapchat.

The one thing Natalia gets is long money. Not an easy concept to wrap your brain around when you’re 18. But I won’t go there. Here’s where I will go: I asked questions about Natalia’s entry into sex background, her career (so far) in Porn Valley, how’s she’s handling the sleaze balls and hustlers and sycophants and psychopaths who populate the sex industry…as well as the lessons she’s learned from porn.

Oh yea…one last thing: I gotta fetish for vintage panties. But not one where I beat my meat thinking about them, or thinking about a girl wearing them; it’s just more like they’re super rare to find (I’m a collector of weird and wonderful things) and I love finding them and then having models try them on as I make pictures…the pictures I call “arty-fartys”. So when I came up dozens and dozens of beautiful, unworn, vintage panties from the 50’s at a used clothes shop in the Arts District of Las Vegas recently, I bought up as many pairs as I could afford. $500 bucks or so.

Someone help me with my self-control, please.

And now, Natalia.

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