An Interview with Brooke Haze

Brooke Haze
Brooke Haze on set for

Whenever I have a model in my studio I’ve never shot before, I generally do the whole “primer / 101” thanaang…which means that’s one of the things you’re gonna hear in this interview: a Brooke Haze Primer.

Brooke Haze 101.

So take notes. Brooke Haze isn’t new to Porn Valley, as you’ll find out. She’s a small-town Florida girl from a conservative place. Brooke’s had a “relatively normal life”, who didn’t watch a whole lot of porn before she jumped in. Her segue to porn? Grace Evangeline. Grace helped Brooke learn about the industry: porn isn’t just sex, and scripted porn has been

What can’t you book Brooke for? No “giant anal gang bangs”. So click play and listen in!

3 thoughts on “An Interview with Brooke Haze”

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  2. Hey Billy It would be super interesting to hear your opinion on how your work especially with dogfart impacted on popular culture. The racial dynamics of being a white guy who was involved in the main porn company selling white male emasculation and cucking. I know I know “its just porn” but its affected mainstream.
    Be facinating to hear your thoughts and opinions on these how porn has impacted the US cultural landscape from an insider POV.

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