I gotta memoir cookin’ in my braaaain….

Pornstar JoJo Kiss Porn Star
Selfie time for Jojo Kiss

What a commitment. The more I think about attempting a memoir, the more I think about not only the work and time involved but the really hard part: how much of my personal, personal life goes into this? That’s a scary part, I think. Revealing all the dirty details that encompass this Billy Watson persona I’ve cooked up over the past 17 years. If I got this done, what would my family and friends think? It’s not about the people I don’t know…but the people I do. I think there’s something like 1200 posts here that go back to when I started it, which, I can’t believe, is right about 13 years now.

Anyone care to let me know how time works? On that, I’m all ears.

Oh, that’s JoJo Kiss making a selfie when she was over the other days making a handjob movie. Gotta love the fetish films.

One thought on “I gotta memoir cookin’ in my braaaain….”

  1. Hi “Billy”!

    I hope all is well during these Covid times. I hadn’t visited your blog in a while but I thought I’d draw attention to a girl (“Sienna”) in our city (Toronto) who has put out a podcast in the last year. Her main theme is struggling with life as a sexworker while grappling with legitimacy in society, family and friends. She seems to be finishing a book too – it might be interesting if you reached out to her and did a podcast episode, which would be both interesting and also serve as a platform to market your books!

    Take care!


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