Super Fun E-mails.

Molly Mason

Faceblaster writes:

I watched a bunch of stuff from your sites. Here is my vote for best of the best:

The Dick Suckers: Emily Evermore. Holy shit, That girl is great in this one. I know she is a privates girl……hook me up. I got some new money to blow.

Mano Job: Cadence Caliber! I can’t get past the part where she rubs the dick on her pussy lips. Never heard of this girl, but she makes my pee-pee vomit.

JOMG: Kelly Kline. Man oh man, that girl is so sexy. Good outdoor stuff

Also love that girl Spunkmouth Sugar scene. Pigtales! Yumm.

Kevin and Alexia Sky is a good set-up, but her attitude sucks. “I like to be in control, I won’t beg for nut” Fuck you, teen ho.

Lexxi Lynn Manojob: Oh Fuck! I built a loop of her whispering the word “please” just as the guy unloads and saying “Thank you” as the blasts continue. Maybe the best popshot ever filmed.

Molly Mason Eat Some Ass: Cutest newbie scene in the bunch. Green eyed brunette! When you talk about that “deer in the headlights” look, this should be the template.

That’s it for now. I’m back from work and bangin Ho’s off craigslist.

Face Blaster!

I gotta tell ya, I really appreciate this e-mail, and I wanna tell everyone reading now this is an unsolicited e-mail!! That’s right… real customer feedback.

Emily Evermore is a whore’s whore, a real slut who loves her work as much as life itself.

And what can I say about Cadence Caliber? Here’s the dealio: she’s new to adult, and she might be out soon. That’s the way it works around here, and sometimes it’s a good thing…and sometimes it’s bad. I think Cadence is superb, so it’s a bad thing that she’s going away. She’s off to greener pastures; she’s not out cause she hates porno at all.

Kelly Kline! An old pal. I shot her ages ago, when she first got into the biz. It was a Spunkmouth scene, and it was a great one. I think it was her 3rd or 4th scene in the biz, ever, and her newbie-ness shows. Which, to me, makes it even hotter.

Sugar, on Spunkmouth, was shot by The Whoremonger. I didn’t shoot that one. I don’t know Sugar. I don’t even think she’s around anymore. I think she was a Vegas girl, but I could be wrong. But damn, our members lover her.

Alexia Sky. A new whore on the circuit, and yea, you’re right. She’s got ‘tude. I shot her an Alexia Sky Manojob scene and and Alexia Sky Dick Suckers scene, too. I even did an Alexia Sky interview. She’s sassy cause she’s just 18, and like all the porno whores who come to Porno Land that are barely-legal, she wants to be the next Jenna Jameson. I don’t think she has what it takes, though…although she did get absolutely creamed at the filthy adult bookstore I took her to for that Spunkmouth scene…and it took the wind out of her sails, so to speak. So that should make you happier.

Funny thing about the Lexi Lynn popshot for Manojob. Well, funny thing about shooting pop shots. They’re super tricky to shoot, cause there’s no rehearsing them. I mean once you pop, you pop…and no one knows that better than Faceblaster himself. Remember when you blasted Jacky Joy for Eat Some Ass? To me that was the best pop I’ve ever captured…but yea, this Lexi Lynn one is great, too…cause if I woulda told Lexi to whisper “please” before the pop and to thank him during it, well…the scene wouldn’t have gone down like it did. And thanks a ton for saying it was the best pop captured on film. I’d have to give those honors to a Peter North scene myself…but hey, I’ll take that praise!

Last, but not least, Molly Mason. I liked her so much I POV’d her myself…and since it’s at my clip store, you can see the Molly Mason Amateur creampie scene without having to join a whole site! Just DL the clip and enjoy!

A shameless plug, from a shameless pornographer.

Come to think of it, this whole blog was nothing but that.


Cadence Caliber

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