You Were Right. I’m Back.

Zoey Nixon Behind The Scenes Picture
Zoey Nixon in the make-up room
Even though it’s always dangerous to overgeneralize, I think Johnny summed it up pretty well when he left the following comment in my “Gone Fishin‘” blog: “All porners retire, cum back, retire, cum back…see you back here soon Billy.”

I also answered a question very similar to Johnny’s response to my “retirement” in a Reddit “AMA” (Ask Me Anything). (Yep, I’ve discovered Reddit, and I’m diggin’ it).

Honestly, I miss writing, and I miss my readers, and some of you said some awfully nice things about my blog…so I’m gonna resume. I’ll do my best and write as often as I can, and when I don’t feel up to writing, I’ll just post some of my arty-farty “erotic” pictures…and when I’m not up to do that, I’ll take another fishing trip…only this time, I’ll just post that pic of the old man fishing in the river.

And know that the fishing trip won’t take forever.

18 thoughts on “You Were Right. I’m Back.”

  1. Hey Billy,
    Great news that you’re back…now you can finish the story about Kat and the famous actor. Seriously though, I look forward to your posts and glad we’ll be seeing more.

  2. Billy- Thanks for a great AMA and its wonderful to see you back blogging again. Your blog has been one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to future entries.

  3. Wow, I’m glad that I’d check back periodically to see if you’d changed your mind.
    It’s GREAT to see that you have! I know that you’ve just made a lot of people happy. I look forward to reading your very interesting insights and musings on the industry and life in general.

  4. Oh, and something just occurred to me.. I’ve been reading this blog since sometime in 2005, damn. Almost 8 years now. We must be old by now, where the hell did the time go? 🙁

  5. Glad you’re back. You have a way with words and stories. Don’t sweat the blog, just go at your own pace when inspiration hits. It’s always interesting to read you. So if it’s low frequency posting, that’s cool, as we know that when you do post, it’s always a treat

  6. On a lark I came back by with the hopes of seeing new posts. Great to see you back Billy!

  7. Great to have you back Billy- been reading your blog sonce the start… everyone deserves time for fishing!

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