13 thoughts on “Nine Pictures”

  1. First is Veruca James, txt’ing…and the second is Natasha Vega, taking a pic of herself for her fans after make-up. All are unposed, meaning I don’t tell them what to do, I just shoot it as they’re doing it.

  2. Why did Veruca James choose to name herself after a wart on your foot? This some new kind of fetish perhaps?

    Btw who’s the woman loading the washing machine? That’s a strong, thick body I’d like to see more of.

  3. Are Natasha Vega’s tits all natural? or surgically enhanced? They are awesome! Please book her for a interracial dp, dpp, dap gangbang!

  4. Yes, that’s Rilynn in the second-to-last picture, and the “whore-in-training” is Riley Reid, and if I remember correctly, Natasha’s boobs are enhanced, and I have no idea about the foot wart comment.

  5. Maybe Veruca’s just a Roald Dahl or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fan. Nice pic of her, even missing the top half she looks good.

  6. I hope we see a lot more of Natasha Vega…and that unnamed thick goddess doing her laundry.Serious fappage with both of them.

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