5 thoughts on “Riley Reid’s “8 Ball Shawty””

  1. Rapping…NO.
    Gorgeous spinner porn babe…YES.
    Use the porn money for education ,kid.

  2. Are all porn whores as ridiculous as this one? You should get an award for enduring what must be a never ending parade of unintelligent half witted women. I stumbled upon your blog some weeks ago and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I mostly enjoy how you demean the women without there ever knowing it. It really shows just what class of person your dealing with when they do not even realize you just diminished their entire life with a few well thought comments. “What do you think Sambo thinks of “8 Ball Shawty.” good stuff Billy. As an aside she is a beautiful girl.

  3. That was fucking awful. Makes Kreayshawn look talented by comparison. Jesus, Billy. Can you actually feel yourself getting stupider from being exposed to this kind of idiocy all day? Do you go home and listen to Beethoven and read Shakespeare to try to make up for it?

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