Alexa Lynn’s Ear is Way Better than Van Gogh’s.

Alexa Lynn Mano Job

I like Alexa Lynn.

A whole lot.

There’s a number of reasons why:

1) I shot one of her earliest scenes for Blacks On Blondes, when she was a total Porno Newbie, and it was a really hot scene cause she did so well (considering the fact that she took on Max Black and Justin Long that day, which is about 22 inches of dick).

2) Right after Justin and Max Black double-donged her, I took her and Actor Pal out to Thai dinner, and she had never eaten Thai, and it was so funny I blogged about it a long time ago, and if you want you can read it again.

3) We’ve jumped in the white van and driven out to a dirty, filthy gloryhole.

4) She’s going to be the next ass muncher at Eat Some Ass any day now.

If all those reasons weren’t enough, here’s another: recently, at a Manojob shoot, she jerked a huge dong and it blew a giant load directly into her ear.

Now, I’ve never had a wad of jizz in my ear, but if I did, I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be too happy about it. I was a bit worried Alexa might get upset, or just turn kinda bitchy, or stomp off set right away and clean it out.

But not Alexa!

She’s a true Porno Sport. A real Trooper. In fact, as the dick was blowing its wad into her ear, she didn’t point it away, nor slow down whilst jerking, nor in any way hinder the wad as it coated the side of her head, which are all tricks an experienced Porno Whore would pull if a dick was unloading a massive amount of goo into one’s ear.

I’d also like to add a few more things: this wasn’t Alexa’s first time to Manojob — here’s her first scene, where she plays an LMT massaging an injury out of a basketball player who’s hung like a horse; we laughed about her earful of jizz after it went down; and finally, I’m having Alexa back to my studio this week for my first ever “4 Bang” at Blacks on Blondes.

I’d like to tell you what a 4 Bang is, but I can’t. Cause I invented it, and if I tell everyone about it now, no doubt people will steal my ingenious idea and call it their own. Oh sure, eventually people will start shooting scenes like I’m about to shoot and call it their own…I realize that.

But I’ll derail those copy-cat bastards as long as I can.

Alexa Lynn Mano Job

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