Riley Mason Finally Does A Black Dude

Riley Mason and a Black Guy

I get a kick out of the porno girls who “don’t do” black guys. It’s one of two reasons: either they think black people still belong on the back of the bus, in their own section at the restaurant, and they think the Blacks should have separate potties; either that, or it’s a career move.

Since I don’t need to clarify the first scenario, lemme clarify the second.

The smart porno whores — or the ones who have smart agents — keep their “do” list slim at the onset of life in porn. A life, I might add, that usually runs about 6 months, and can be significantly lower, but usually not too much higher. Some girls go a year or two or three, but not many…mainly cause it’s a tough biz, with creepy people; that or the girl gets “shot out”.

How do the smarts ones keep from getting shot out too quickly? Like I said last paragraph — don’t do a whole lot of stuff when you jump into Porno Land.

It’s a Catch-22, really, cause the girls wanna make a ton of money, and their agents wanna make a ton of money, and the quickest, easiest way to make a whole bunch of money is do it all right away: solo, hj’s, bj’s, swallow, g-g, b-g, b-b-g, gang bangs, bukkakkes, anal, interracial, double-vag, double-anal…which is just about everything I can think of off the top of my head.

Throw a new cutie-pie into Porno Land doing all that, and she’ll work until her pussy breaks…or her mind breaks — whichever comes first.

Take Riley Mason — she came into the game a while back. I don’t recall exactly, but I think I shot her first (maybe it was her second) scene for Spunkmouth; later I shot her for J.O.M.G.; and about that same time I shot her for Manojob…not once, but twice. I woulda shot her for a whole lot more…but she didn’t do a whole lot more.

Until just lately.

Cause Riley figured out early in her career that she’d be shot out if she did it all right away. So she worked it. She took all the work she could before she added interracial to her “do” list.

And I booked her. Why not? She’s still as hot as ever, and I love working with her, and Blacks On Blondes scores big with a Riley Mason interracial scene, which went live last Monday.

I still can’t book her for anal, d/p, double-vag or double-anal…yet. And who knows, maybe I’ll never be able to. I get a sneaky feeling Riley might not be in the game much longer, and frankly I don’t blame her.

She never said anything to me about it…I just got that feeling.

Let’s call it a hunch.

Riley Mason and a Black Guy

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  1. she has the face more fat, and that ring in her nose ….
    i’m not sure if she is a fake.

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