5 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Adam “MCA” Yauch.”

  1. Wow. That’s too bad. I’d be really sad, except I was never a fan of them or their fans. The guys who liked them at my school were the rich kids. I’m just glad it wasn’t Jim Kerr or Midge Ure. One of those guys dies and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my shit from falling apart.

  2. That sucks. Even though they haven’t really been relevant in close to a decade, I’d have to say that Check Your Head was one of my all-time favorite albums as a kid. I still love it, just not enough to call it all-time favorite. Paul’s Boutique is up there, too.

  3. They were very talented, but the best songs they had were ripoffs of other artists’ melodies – Intergalactic, etc. And I didn’t like most of their stuff.

    So very sad for his friends and family, and he seemed like a good & fine person – so it’s a tragedy.. but artistically I’m OK with it.

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