8 thoughts on “Sara Monroe’s In’s and Out’s of Escorting (with no pun intended).”

  1. Billy, these last few interviews have been very insightful about the industry. The above random chick seems like a total wigger, and I bet if I was a black guy she wouldn’t charge me a dime. During the entire interview, I thought of that song “It’s hard out herre fo’ a Pimp” because she totally reminds me of the chick from that movie. She ‘da bottum hoe.

    However, your pimp hand is strong in these interviews. Very rarely do I see these hos wide open as this in the interview process (I usually watch the “behind the scenes” of the DVDs I’ve bought in the past). I tip my hat to you, you are innovating in porn once again, and perhaps can be the next iteration of Wanker Wang. You are making art my friend.

    Now, if you will just resort to humiliating the Minion and make him hold a couch still whilst others fuck on it, I would LOL. (Just giving the minion shit, Wanker was really hard on him. You are much better towards him….)

  2. What a mensa candidate this one is. Billy, it was painfully apparent that when you were discussing PSE and GFE at the end of the interview, that this Harvard Valedictorian had no idea what you were talking about. Then she has a favorite restaraunt in Long Beach but she does not know the name of it. But her clients are expected to take her there so she can get that shrimp pasta. I guess they are supposed to drive around Long Beach until she spots it? Billy, where do you find these geniuses? lol.

  3. Cut the girl some slack Gary. She is probably much more comfortable having sex in front of the camera than she is talking about a part of her life that is, unfortunately, illegal. It’s a crying shame consenting adults cannot make a private transaction involving something as wonderful as sex in most of this country without threat of jail.

    Billy seeing these interviews is great though. You do seem to get the women to open up more than most others do.

  4. What did she say that caused the whole room to crack up laughing? I have trouble understanding you Americans sometimes.

  5. Question for you Billy. Are these Cucks all gay dudes? Where in the fuck do you find grown men who want to watch someone get fucked and then eat the come off a black dude? I mean, are they really just gay dudes or are these guys mentally ill?

    In addition, does that make all the black guys gay too? I mean, isn’t is pretty gay to be bustin’ nuts on other dudes and the like?

    I think you got some closet dudes you payin’ bro.

  6. @The Good Samaritan — most of the cucks are either bi or fetishists, although I have shot some that are gay. Separating a sex act that’s “gay” and a person that’s gay is always a tricky proposition, so I’ll flip the questions back to you: is there a difference between performing a sex act that’s perceived by many to be gay…and truly being a gay man?

    @Mark G: I think you’re referring to a point in the interview when The Minion asking Sara what her hourly rate is, and Sara’s reply — which is “can we pause this?”. It is difficult to hear.

  7. I really love these interviews, Billy. They really do serve to humanize the workers in this industry, and they’re tremendously interesting to boot.

    But this one? Well, she may not be the sharpest lightbulb in the box, that’s all I’ll say. I just can’t imagine that the conversation over shrimp pasta at that one restaurant in Long Beach — yeah, you know the one, it’s the one with the “bomb” food — is very stimulating.

  8. “She’s got Marty Feldman eyes” *Kim Carnes voice* Remember that song? I always hear it when i’m grocery shopping……

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