6 thoughts on “The Naughty Sunday School Teacher.”

  1. Man, I’m not kidding anyone here. I found your site because I was on a Beaue Marie rampage and stumbled upon your site in my search results… but jesus. I have spent HOURS reading through everything and have to say that site has got to be the most interesting thing I have found on the internet in months. You are a hell of a writer. Like most of your readers/watchers, I have been watching porn for about a decade, and it’s so interesting to see the back end of it all (or BTS, right?)

  2. Billy, nice work with the BTS. I love porn til I see the BTS and I realize many of these girls are clueless and are serious victims of life, but will you ever write on this blog again?

  3. It’s nice to hear her husband is ok with her doing sex work. Most men seem to see their wives more as property than as another person. Who you love and what you do can easily be two separate things.

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