10 thoughts on “What’s It Take to be Lilly LaBeau’s Boyfriend?”

  1. I could only watch about 60 seconds of this interview before I had to turn it off. What a winner this one is. And the obnoxious, annoying laugh? I would pay her NOT to be my girlfriend. Oy vey.

  2. Hey Billy.

    I asked you some questions about Beau Marie and Aston Pierce on that site you’ve recently been posting on.

    In addition to that, did you ever think about shooting Kaylynn when she was un-retired for a while?

    She still looks amazing in my opinion.

  3. Hey Billy, got a question for you. Directors and performers travel abroad to shoot all the time, right? We see American directors shooting in Europe and South America and vice versa. Then we see American girls in Jap flicks once in a while, I know i’ve seen Lexi Belle in some Jap porn, with Japanese guys, presumably shot in Japan. But the one thing you never see is American directors travelling to Japan with American male talent to shoot. What is the reason for that? Japan has the largest porn industry in the world, right? And it can’t be a language barrier thing because the American girls make their way over there, but you never see the Japanese girls come over here or American directors and talent going to them, and it seems like a hugely untapped market because let’s face it, Japanese porn is weird. The girls act real timid and then they lay there and whimper while their getting fucked and most people don’t want to watch that. What they need is a western director to coach them on how to make some western style porn because some of them Jap chicks are smoking hot, im sure the shit would sell. Does it have to do with the pornography laws over there or something? What gives?

  4. @Billy Watson- Yeah, I thought that might have something to do with it, but if American girls travel over there that means that their agents have some kind of connection with Japanese pornographers. You would think that someone would have worked some kind of deal out with them by now. I don’t see why they wouldn’t want American pornographers shooting Jap girls as long as the money was right. You might not have the dough for that kind of production but it would probably be worth it for a company like Evil Angel.

    That reminds me, speaking of organized crime, check out this little excerpt from an article I was reading the other day. It seems that pornographers are the original pirates, well, besides maybe Thomas Edison.

    MIPORN prosecutors convicted numerous pornographers such as Russ Hampshire
    and Walter Gernert for shipping illegally duplicated videos of mainstream movi
    es across state lines. The mob forced the sale of pirated tapes through the
    video dealers they controlled. Movies such as Superman II, Star Wars, and
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for example, made fortunes for the
    thieves who copied them and offered them for sale on tape.
    Another charge leveled was that since these criminals presumably controlled
    much of the video cassette distribution of adult films, they violently
    suppressed the pirating of their own films. At least 50 pornographers have
    been knocked off by the mob since 1969.

    Here’s the rest of the article if you feel like reading it. There’s some interesting stuff in there if you sift through it.


  5. I enjoy these interviews, and really liked this one. I sure disagree with the second commenter. I’d love to make Lilly LaBeau laugh. I think she’s terrific — and so beautiful. That bartender is a lucky guy. Glad she didn’t fall off the roof!

  6. There was a Japanese production company who came over here to shoot Japanese girls with American bukkake boys. They brought a few girls from home and booked some US girls too.

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